6 Inconsiderate Things You Absolutely Must Never Do Just After Sex

Are you new into a relationship? If you are then there are certain things you need to keep in mind, especially when it comes to having sex. Sex is one of the most important and delicate aspects of a relationship. A good and healthy sexual life can add more spice to the relationship and make it more enjoyable for both of you.

However, there are a couple of mistakes which people tend to make when they have sex. These mistakes might appear to be minor issues, but can really have a huge impact on your sex life and can even spoil it.

Remember, it is not only about “the moment”! You would want to carry the sensation and the feeling with you even after you are done. That’s what makes a sex life an enjoyable and passionate one. Often, unknowingly couples indulge themselves into certain things during the post sex period which doesn’t allow them to enjoy their sex life to the fullest.

This can be even more devastating if you have a partner who is a bit too sensitive. So, in order to enjoy your sex life to the fullest, you need to maintain the ambiance and the mood and to refrain from doing something which might damage it.

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Is it sounding a bit complicated? Are you wondering what exactly you are supposed to avoid? Well, that is what this write-up is all about.

In this page, you will get to know about the 7 inconsiderate things that you should avoid doing immediately after having an intense sex session:

Don’t Fall Asleep

Don’t Fall Asleep After Sex

This is a very common issue that most of the couples face and feel irritated about. Having sex is enjoyable; however, it can be quite tiring as well. Especially you are having it after a hard day of work. You must remember, no matter how tired you feel and how desperate you are for a sleep, your partner might want to continue with the romance. A little bit of cuddling with passion can make a lot of difference in your lovemaking session and can end it happily. So, make sure that you remain awake for at least some time after having sex and make your partner feel that he/she is much more to you than just being a sex partner.

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Sleeping Separately

Sleeping Separately After Sex

This is another big mistake which couples tend to make quite often. You might have to sleep separately due to various reasons; however the night you get together and have some exciting and passionate moments on the bed, try and not sleep apart. It is very important to create a sense of belongingness in a relationship. You must carry forward the feeling of passion and love after you are done with the sex. That is why it is very important to spend the entire night together in each other’s warm and cozy hug. You might fall asleep, but the moment you wake up in the morning, the first thing you would see is your partner. This would refresh your previous night’s memory and you both will feel more connected and blessed.


Avoid Argument

married couple fighting after sex

You must avoid any argument with your partner right after a passionate sex session under any circumstances. It can be something as simple as turning on the television or munching on some favorite snacks; avoid entering into an argument right after you had done it at any cost. You don’t want to spoil the happy mood and the wonderful time you had together a few minutes ago. The post sex period must be calm and full of indulgence. If your partner is persistent on doing or not doing something, then you should be the more sensible one and indulge him or her. For God’s sake! Please, stay away from any kind of confrontation. You can settle your scores some other time; it is not at all necessary to discuss it right at that high moment. Forget all complaints or issues and get lost in each other as those moments are special.

Don’t Leave Your Partner

alone in bedroom after sex

Do you have the habit of rushing to the washroom immediately you are done? Well, you are not the only one, there are many like you out there and this is really an inconsiderate thing to do. This habit is more prevalent among men than women. But this small habit of yours can make your partner feel bad. Allow yourself a couple of minutes after you get off her and stay with your partner. It is not only about going to the washroom; you should be in physical contact with her/him and not leave your partner unless it is absolutely necessary. Being together for a moment or two after having sex would make you feel more connected to your partner. Also, that convey the very special message to him or her that he/she means the world to you and you shouldn’t leave that person under any condition.

Don’t Criticize Performance

married couple fighting after sex

This is the worst and the most inconsiderate thing which you can possibly do. Your partner might not have lived up to your expectations on bed while making out, but don’t allow your frustration to get the better of you! If you start criticizing him/her, then your partner would feel as being a spoiler and this can have a negative impact on your future sexual encounters. If your partner is kind of too sentimental then he/she might also feel insulted or get demotivated. He/she would become over cautious and would try harder to satisfy you, which can spoil the party. The key to a satisfactory sex life is to be comfortable with each other and that is only possible when you appreciate the person and be happy while being with your partner. If you have something to share keep it for next day discussion.

Don’t Thank Each Other

Don’t Thank Each Other after sex

Have you ever done it? Don’t be silly!! This is something absolutely senseless and inconsiderate to do. What makes you think that you need to thank your partner for having sex with you? Having sex is not a duty or an obligation which you need to discharge. It is an act of love and should come naturally. When your partner is with you it means that person loves and desires you and had made love with you out of willingness and happiness. Instead of making him or her happy by thanksgiving you might offend your partner by doing so.

So, my friend, these are some of the most inconsiderate things which you absolutely must never do after sex with your beloved. As mentioned, you must make sure that you carry forward the sensual mood in order to enjoy your sex life. These tips aren’t very difficult to follow. Try them; you would start to notice the difference in your love life immediately.