How Sex Can Make You Look More Beautiful?

It is needless to say that we all wish to look beautiful. Beauty makes us confident, boosts our personality, and helps us become the modern woman who can be strong and feminine at the same time.

So, have you ever given it a thought on how to retain your beauty or to make yourself look much more beautiful than what you are now? You must have it! And you have indulged in spending hundreds and thousands on the best beauty products in the market. You do not even leave the simple homemade formulas of using fruits, curd, turmeric, and honey in your beauty routines to make ourselves more beautiful.

However, all you ladies out there have you ever given it a thought that the one thing that comes with no cost is the secret potion for your everlasting beauty? Well, no points for guessing! It is SEX that can actually make you look more beautiful. Sex makes you look beautiful, satisfied, and happy but it also brings in your inner glow that gets reflected on your skin and hair. Your skin glows and you lose weight while feeling blissfully happy because you experiencing the most enticing and exciting thing.

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So ladies! Here are 7 different beauty benefits you can achieve while you satisfy your carnal needs. Isn’t it a two-way treat? Sure it is!

Have a glowing, soft & supple skin

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Do you know most women who are blessed with blissfully glowing skin have an active sex life? Yes, you heard it right my dear. Regular sex can actually help you have a better nourished and supple skin compared to those women who have a not so active sex life. You will become naturally beautiful as sex enables the release of natural oil in the body such as Linoleic oil which helps in moisturizing and nourishing your skin. When you have regular sex your body releases hormones like Oestrogen, Testosterone, etc. which in turn gives you the soft supple and glowing skin that you have always desired.

Get a natural boost for bulk hair growth

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Who doesn’t want to have bulks of long, thick and lustrous hair? Almost all of you must have this desire in your mind. But in this present environment of air-pollution it becomes very difficult to keep your hair moisturized throughout the day and as a result dryness hits. However, just by having a few sessions of healthy sex in a week you can improve the blood circulation of your body in such a way that it starts nourishing your hair right from the roots. Each strand of hair follicle have blood vessels in it and when the blood circulation in your body improves, sufficient amount of blood flows in your hair making your hair glow with health. Result? You get long shiny and lustrous hair.

Lose kilos and get into a fabulous shape

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Surprised to see this beauty benefit in this list? Well, don’t be ladies! It is often called ‘sexercise’ these days and there is a reason behind it. Sex prompts you to do a lot of cardio unknowingly. Now isn’t that wonderful? Sex gives the best cardio exercise quite spontaneously and it makes you sweat a lot, especially if you are having a few really exciting sessions back to back. The cardio exercise and sweating help you burn fat and release toxins from your body which in turn gives you a fabulously fit body that everybody will drool over. Now, what can be easier than this to lose weight while having the most exciting moments with your partner? This is certainly a two-way beneficial process.

You suddenly start looking youthful!

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If you crave to get some magical potion to retain your youth, then you have it handy now! Sex is one of the best ways of releasing toxins from the body and reducing the level of stress. This is more effective for women who are in the mature age group when skin naturally tends to lose its youthfulness. Men and women who are in their 40s or 50s and still have healthy active sexual relationships look a lot younger than their actual age. Sex has a strong anti-aging effect provided that it is fulfilling, satisfying, and healthy. You may not indulge in this pleasure every night. But steady and healthy sessions will always have its effect and that will show up in your beautiful young-looking skin.

Your happiness shows and so does your mind

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Do you remain stressed and exhausted often which is taking a toll on your health and beauty? Exhausted is the real killer of youthfulness and beauty. But you have a great solution to overcome that. You will be amazed to know that sex is the best stress buster you can ever experience. Once you have to gratify and fulfilling sex with your partner you start feeling happy from inside and all your depression, frustration and stress start reducing. This is because of the fact that your body starts releasing a hormone called Oxytocin which is also known as the ‘Happy hormone’ when you have regular sessions of sex. This hormone makes you motivated, refreshed, and yes very happy and cheerful from inside.

There will no trace of stress

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If you are seeing dark circles, stress lines and signs of exhaustion on your face then this is something alarming and the culprit behind all these is extreme level of stress. Stress is resulted due to the release of a hormone named Cortisol. It is omnipresent in most of the people who live in the urban cities due to different environmental and social factors. But if you enjoy regular sex sessions with your beloved it produces Oxytocin which wipes out this stress hormone and the hormones present in your body gets replaced with Oxytocin. That is when you feel de-stressed and beautiful both from inside and outside. This is the reason why regular sex sessions are something that you can’t simply miss out when you are leading a stressful life but still want to look beautiful.

Busty you, gorgeous you!

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Now, this is interesting. Sex not only makes your skin, hair, and face more beautiful but it enhances your physical appearances too. Researchers have proved that women who have regular sex have their breast increased up to 25%. Full, rounded, big breasts contour the body, increase your sex quotient, and make you hot and sexy. This is something quite attractive for all the women out there isn’t it? We know it is! Bosoms that are full and rounded add more femininity and beauty to a woman’s body. Now you have an easy-peasy way to have a well-endowed pair of breasts just by having fulfilling sex.

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Now that you know how sex can make you look ravishing than ever before it is time to get down to some action! Start off with some naughty seduction games and make your partner come back for more and more. After all, a steamy session of sex has much more to give you apart from extreme pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. So, reap all the benefits of a passionate love-making session and stay beautiful!