A Guide to Choose the Right color for your Hair

So you are ready for a makeover and hair coloring is definitely top in the list but you are confused about the right choice of color for you. There are many factors one should consider before going for hair coloring and these factors are skin tone, natural hair color and your eye color. Here are some tips which can help you in selecting the right color for your hair.

Be clear about your requirements

Before going for a hair color, you should be clear about your requirements and ideas so that you can convey them to your stylist before coloring session. You can also ask for suggestion for your hair stylist. You can use following tips to clear your thoughts about your requirements.

  • You can collect cut outs from magazines or save images from net to your phone of your desired hair color and show it to your hair stylist.
  • If you also want a new hair cut along with hair color then you should get your hair cut done before coloring session as it will save your money because less dye will be used in coloring after the hair cut.
  • If you are going for a drastic change in hair color like blonde to black or any other color then it requires high maintenance and you need to get regular touch ups but you need not to worry about maintenance in case of subtle change in hair color.

Determine your skin tone

Skin tone is a big factor which affects your personality to great extent. Therefore, you should choose a shade which is compatible to your skin tone. Here are some ways to determine your skin tone:

  • Stand in sunlight or natural light and try to find the color of your vein on the wrist. If it is blue in color then your undertone is cool and if the veins appear to be green then your undertone is warm.
  • If you want to double sure about your skin tone then you can also go for paper test. Take papers of different color like red, blue, green, silver, white and yellow. Hold each paper next to your face one by one and see which color looks good with your skin tone. If your skin looks better with red and yellow colors then you are warm toned while if your skin looks better with green, blue, white and silver shades then your undertone is cool.
  • You must consider your eye color while choosing a hair color as color of hair and eyes go hand in hand. Choose a color which complements your eyes for example if you have brown or hazel eyes then darker shades of brown like chocolate brown or rich espresso brown will suit best on you while if you have light color eyes (blue or grey eyes) then go for cooler tones such as light gold or ash will look better.

Colors and their compatibility with skin tone


Brown color suits to almost every skin tone and it is low in maintenance. Therefore, it is preferred by many people who like a subtle change in their personality. It is also great for damaged hair and reflects a nice hue in light while minimizing the breakage. Here are some shade suggestions if you are considering brown color for your hair:

  • If you have light skin tone then you should go for medium brown or reddish brown shade. Try to avoid dark brown as it can make you appear pale complexioned but if you have naturally dark brown color then you can go for dark shade without second thoughts.
  • If you have medium skin tone then you should go for medium brown shades like caramel or auburn. Try to avoid neutral and blonde shades.
  • If you have dark skin tone then go for dark brown shades such as espresso. Avoid shades which are two tones lighter than your natural color.

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Red is considered a bold color by many people and therefore some people hesitate to go for it but it also looks good on many skin tones. Here are some shade suggestions for different skin tones:

  • You should go for lighter shade of red like copper red or strawberry blond if you have light skin tone. Avoid darker shades as they can make you look washed out.
  • Opt for medium shades like medium auburn or copper if you have medium skin tone. Avoid any purple hue as it can make your complexion yellowish.
  • Go for medium auburn or chestnuts brown if you are dark skinned but avoid any shades of ultra red as they can make you look greenish.


Blond color is a nice option for people with light or medium skin tone. The procedure can be expensive if your hair is not naturally blond as you will need regular root touch ups and toning products to maintain the shade. Here are some suggestions on its compatibility with skin tones:

  • Light skin people should opt for light or golden blond shade and avoid shades of white, ash or reddish as these shades can make you look washed out.
  • Medium toned blond like golden or beige is compatible with medium skin tone people but shades of ashy or orangey blonds should be clearly avoided by such skin tone.
  • Dark skin people should go for dark blond shades like caramel or just highlight your hair. Avoid shades like white, platinum or orange as it will make you look animated.


Black is indeed a beautiful color but it is difficult to remove so make sure that you really want to go for it or not. It looks best on medium and dark skin people but some shades of black also look good on light tone skin. Here are some shade suggestions in case you have decided to go for it:

  • Brownish shades of black or dark brown suits on the light skin tone. Shades of ultra black should be avoided by light tone people as it can make you look pale or even reddish in some cases.
  • Medium tone people should go for dark brown or almost black color. Avoid any black with red tint as it can make you look yellowish.
  • Dark jet black color looks better on dark skin but they should avoid black with blue tint as this shade can make you look greenish.
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