American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v Review [pros and cons]

American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v Review [pros and cons]

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality multi-frequency stethoscope, then the American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v professional is what you need. This stethoscope brings into one frame the acoustic response of a conventional bell and diaphragm with its one sided chestpiece.
American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v

American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v has a gasket diaphragm to hear high and low frequency sounds with a simple pressure adjustment. It features an ovoid shaped chestpiece constructed out of light in weight zinc alloy. It makes auscultation easy on areas that are typically difficult to assess using conventional chestpiece. In addition, the device ensures patients’ comfort with its retaining rim and non-chill diaphragm.

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It is one of the best and most efficient stethoscopes sold on the market that offers performance and reliability of the instruments that are twice its price. This is why it is the most widely used stethoscope by the professionals. The major advantage is its sound quality that is excellent. In addition, the earpiece has excellent no noise interference quality that makes it highly suited for use in the noisy hospitals.

The light weight construction makes it easier and extremely convenient to carry around all day along. Also, it has got a longer cord that provides physicians additional flexibility to assess patients.

Some of the notable features of American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v:

  • Its ovoid shaped chestpiece boasts improved ergonomic design. Also, it is kept light in weight with zinc alloy construction having an appealing satin finish
  • It has got non-chill rim and diaphragm to ensure patient comfort
  • New gasket diaphragm allows for multi-frequency response with simple pressure adjustment. When pressure is kept light, it produces bell-type low frequency; but, when pressurized firmly, it produces diaphragm type high-frequency
  • Adscope 615v has got stainless steel binaurals with satin finish. It also features double leaf internal spring that is slightly angled (at 15-degrees) for additional comfort and perfect fit.
  • It is inspected in the USA.
  • It is also comfortable with its Adsoft Deluxe PVC eartips

The downsides to consider:

Some of the customers feel that the ear tips are a little uncomfortable, but majority of them felt it was not a big deal.

A few users have to say that while they found the overall weight comfortable, the head was on a heavier side.

Final words:

The American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v has got an average rating of 9.3 out of 10 as majority of the users found it excellent in terms of clarity, quality and volume. Overall, the instrument is getting a lot of praise for its clear acoustics, high strength, and ergonomic design. There may be better stethoscopes available on the market, but it is a great choice for those on a tight budget and looking for an instrument offering all-around performance.

A substantial number of users like the quality and performance of the product, but do you also feel the same? Share your personal opinion and views about this product and its performance.

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