Best Stethoscope Reviews – Top 7 for 2015

Best Stethoscope Reviews – Top 7 for 2015

One thing that is common among a medical student, a nurse, a veterinarian and a professional doctor are the stethoscope. The device is of different types and has a different set of features, as well as price. This explains why it becomes difficult to choose one among many options when all seems professionally right.

However, things become simpler and easier if you familiarize yourself with the kind of stethoscopes available and their working methodology as well as features. Once you figure out everything necessary, choosing the best one becomes a lot easier. Here, we cover all the necessary information about the device including features.

If you choose a high quality device, it produces clear sound and offers a great degree of functionality. This is important in order to make good use of the device and keep the patient and doctor comfortable.

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Here are Some Desirable Features of Best Stethoscopes:

The chestpiece

It must be designed using the best quality material like chrome or stainless steel in order to offer precise tolerance. This is also important to ensure airtight sealing and prevent even the smallest leaks, which is the main cause behind sound degradation. In addition, you should also prefer the chest piece that comes with detachable non-chill rims.

The diaphragm

Top-grade and flexible material like PE compound film is a good choice for diaphragm for precision tuning of low as well as high frequency sounds. Standard diaphragm measurements include 45mm for cardiology purpose, 24mm, for pediatric and 35mm for adults.

The headset

It should be anatomically designed to fit around the head perfectly. Also, it should be featured with soft yet durable ear-tips to ensure maximum comfort even during prolonged use. It also prevents it from falling and damage.

The tubes

These are also important to ensure functionality and usage of the stethoscope. Thick ones make a good choice as it prevents external noise while ensuring better sound transmission.

Given below is the list of high-quality stethoscopes to help you further:

  1. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

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This instrument is a big hit among users in the lightweight design. It is denoted as the entry level instrument and never disappoints those who have worked mostly with the expensive units. Don’t put yourself into any dilemma seeing the low price tag. The equipment has been designed to last longer while giving you a soft rubbery feel that is comfortable to wear even for long.

What’s to know?

A few users claim that the diaphragm is slightly bigger and may feel problematic when the patient is skinny.

The verdict

It is undoubtedly the best device available these days, even when considered entry-level equipment. In an online comment, it has got the rating of 4.5 out of 5 that indicates how reliable it is.


  1. 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

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This classic stethoscope is all about the state of the art technology that also combines ergonomic design. It is reliable and useful offering optimal convenience and acoustic performance. It is great for both students and medical professionals.

The equipment produces different frequency sounds with pressure application on the chestpiece. Also, it features a non-intrusive and comfortable non-chill rim. It is a single-sided award winning ergonomic design that meets the path of the ear canal. It is latex-free and good for those with allergies.

What to know?

Some users feel it is slightly uncomfortable when wearing around the neck. Removing it when not in use can make a difference here.

Final words

It is highly accurate, easy to use and quality device with truly state of the art construction designed to benefit both users and patients.


  1. 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

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It is available with dual sided chestpiece to offer a high level of versatility like no other device. The device is perfectly fine for both adults and kids. It has got two tunable diaphragms to detain low and high frequency sounds through pressure changes. Thus, it is streamlined and focused.

The device is comfortable and non-intrusive for the patients. Unlike the traditional design, it features a dual lumen design to prevent noise interference.

What to know?

Some users find it heavy to wear for longer hours.

Final word

It is highly versatile for its dual side chestpiece. And, also allows for easy conversion from pediatric to open bell. It makes a good choice for both professional doctors and students. It offers high reliability and accuracy in performance. Using this device is always a pleasure.


  1. 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

Best Stethoscope Reviews - Top 7 for 2015 7Best Stethoscope Reviews - Top 7 for 2015 8
This is a 28 inch stethoscope with multiple features like soft seal ear-tips, good acoustic sensitivity, non-chill rim, diaphragm, single lumen tubing, and tunable diaphragm. It features two sided chestpiece and one side is traditional bell. Another one is the tunable diaphragm and gives excellent user experience. It is a great device for both professionals and students.

What to know?

Some users say that the product received to them was not in the same color as seen. However, functionality was excellent as advertised.

The final word

The ergonomically designed device offers great acoustic sensitivity and allows for pressure adjustment to hear both low and high frequency sounds. Latex free construction makes it perfect for sensitive users. The device aims for accuracy and convenience thus makes a great choice.


  1. American Diagnostic Platinum Adscope 615v

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It comes with a gasket diaphragm to allow easy toggle toggling between high and low frequency sound with pressure adjustment. Lightweight chest piece is made using zinc alloy that allows accurate diagnosis on auscultation areas as well that is difficult with traditional device. It offers great comfort with non-chill diaphragm.

What to know?

Some users found earpiece a little uncomfortable, but it is not of much importance.

The final word

It ensures maximum patient comfort with non-chill diaphragm. The ergonomic design is the best thing about it and allows perfectly comfortable fit. Stainless steel construction makes it highly durable. The ear tips are made of Adsoft Deluxe PVC for comfort. It is an excellent choice for professionals.


  1. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

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This is 5-in-1 Quintscope that offers a high level of versatility and flexibility not easily found in any other stethoscope. You can get it with small as well as large diaphragms to use with kids and adults.

The device can generate acoustics from very low to high-pitched respiratory sounds, and low to high frequency cardiac sounds that you can differentiate easily. It comes with 3 bell sizes for adults, children and infants.

What to know?

Some users find that earbuds are not soft, so wearing for longer can be difficult. However, it gives a superb performance as desired.

Final words

It features latex free tubing that makes it good for everyone, even to the allergist. This product is so popular that it is giving other models a run for their money. The quality is fantastic and the instrument delivers great accuracy. This is precisely designed high-performing device that comes at a very affordable cost.


  1. MDF MD One Dual Head Stethoscope

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If you look for stellar acoustic clarity, then this is the best choice for you. The tubing has a non-stick Y configuration to absorb ambient noise and ensures shielding that is needed to improve sound quality during diagnosis. Dual head chestpiece is composed of extremely durable stainless steel and ensures better acoustics during diagnosis.

The latex-free product comes with a lifetime warranty, and features dual-leaf spring edifice for added durability. It is also available in different color options.

What to know?

Some users find that earpieces feel a little flimsy and so it is a little comforting to put on for longer.

Final words

The device comes with patented non-invasive Safety Lock Eartip Adaptors which are highly comfortable. The headset is designed to ensure perfect fit. It is ergonomically designed device with open tubing that helps to maintain acoustic integrity.

The majority of the user reviews says that it is a good-received product with great features offering reliability even on a tight budget. You will never go wrong if choose this product.


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