How to Walk Daily to Lose Weight ?

How to Walk Daily to Lose Weight ?

Although walking is the first advice on a fat loss program, it is just looked upon as a warm up exercise and its other benefits are totally underestimated. A recent study conducted by the University of Virginia has found that three shorter and fast paced walk a week with two longer, moderately paced walks can make you lose five times more belly fat as compared to normal walking. It can also reduce two inches from your waistline, cut off 3 times more fat from thigh region and eight times of total body fat. Thus, you can almost lose 8 – 10 pounds in a few weeks without dieting. Just think, this simple practice can do wonders for your body if you pair it up with your high intensity exercises and healthy diet routine.

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How does it work?

The principal behind fat loss by walking method is the correct alignment of the fascia, a connective tissue underlying the skin and envelops every part of the body i.e. blood vessels, organs, and muscles. Walking affects the wrapping muscles of the fascia and thus makes the body streamlined, lessens the back pain and other discomforts.

Why walking is needed?

The recommended amount of walking by the NHS scheme live well is 10 thousand steps per day, which are equal to covering a distance of 5 miles. This can burn up to 450 calories per day, but we walk 4000 steps or less than that on an average basis which indicates a sedentary lifestyle. The immobile nature affects the physiology of the body and thus overall health which results into occurrences of diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.

What we gain from walking?

Walking is useful in many health related issues besides rectifying the posture, burning calories and improves fluid circulation around joints which are:


This is the most advised practice for the patients of diabetes and it is proved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the mortality rate goes down by 39 percent for those patients who walk two or more hours a week.

High Cholesterol

Walking provides a full body workout, especially to the circulatory system of the body. It stimulates the body’s senses towards the insulin and improves the blood lipid level as compared to one hour high intensity workout.

Mental health

A morning walk is the best stress buster and helps in fighting depression. This physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, a hormone associated with the mood.


This is proved that people with lower pace have higher chances of occurrence of dementia. Walking is an exercise which involves the coordination of body and mind which helps in enhancing the memory process.

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Studies have found that a daily walk of 45 minutes at a moderate level can prevent various types of cancer like cancer of breast and bowel.

How to walk

You will laugh it loud because walking is like breathing but there are few things which you should consider while walking which can increase the calorie burning process.

  • Your head should be up and eyes should be focused at a point 10 feet ahead of you in a straight line.
  • Relax your neck to enable a natural breathing process because a strained neck can tighten the back muscles and thus constricts the lungs.
  • Relax the shoulders so that your shoulder girdle can move and efficiently, which gives you a fluid motion.
  • Bend and relax your arms and move them back and forth first at the right angle and when you get used to it then at 120 degrees. This will open your shoulder girdle.
  • Create natural rotation with your hand swing, which involves the oblique (waist) muscles.
  • Loosen up your fists because any tension will limit your shoulder movements.
  • Move through the front part of your foot means toes and the arch so the person behind you can see your heels and take long strides.
  • Relax your glutes and straighten your back.
  • Your hips should not wiggle but move gracefully in forwarding direction.

These tips will help you tap the potential of walking in your favor and if you want to increase its effect, then you can walk on uneven terrains which make your body work harder and therefore you burn more calories. Take longer strides to cover more distances and increase the exercise effect.

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