20 Weight Loss Workouts

20 Weight Loss Workouts

Obesity is currently the biggest problem across the world and it is a result of convenient lifestyle which has reduced the activity level to zero. Another factor is loss of interest in outdoor games for the kids, which is affecting the health of the next generation by making them low in stamina and willpower.

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Here are some conventional and modern workouts which you can take up in order to improve your and your family health.

  1. Walking

This is the one exercise which you are compelled to do with the nature. You have to get on the doubles to go to your office, school, shopping, movies and any activity. When you are bound to use your feet, then why not use this compulsion as an opportunity to shed some extra weight. An early morning walk on the grass with bare feet can relax you and gives you benefits of meditation. Walking can tone up your lower body, especially the legs, hips and lower abdomen. It is the best cardio exercise and burn 360 calories per hour.

  1. Jogging

This exercise lies between somewhere middle of the walking and running and have various benefits. It is a lighter form of running which helps you in continuing this for longer duration. Studies suggest that a 30 minute jogging session can protect you from various types of cancer. It increases your heart rate and thus improves the blood circulation throughout the body. It also boosts up the energy level and concentration, making you more focused and attentive. This exercise targets your whole body as it involves your legs, hands, shoulders, back, hips and internal organs as well like lungs, heart, brain, etc. This workout can burn about 398 calories per hour in the body.

  1. Running

This high impact exercise is more effective in burning calories as it burns two times more calories than the walking and jogging activities means about 600 calories per hour. It strengthens the bones and connective tissue, reduce the physical stress level of the body, improves blood circulation and heart health, increase breathing capacity of the lungs, detoxify the body, increase muscle mass and the resting metabolism and tone up the trouble zones of your body. The precautionary measure for this exercise is that you should warm up first before running and choose appropriate shoes for it.

  1. Jumping

This is a fun exercise and you can enjoy doing this along with your family. You will need a mini trampoline (which is about 3 inches in diameter and 9 meter high) and you are ready to jump higher and higher. Spending ten minutes of your time in jumping can affect trillion of cells in your body. The toxins of your body would get sucked out of the body by the gravitational pull and the flow of tissue fluid or lymph (a major constituent of the immune system) around the body will get improved. This becomes possible because of the development of lower pressure in your cells during the suspension of body in air. It can increase the flow rate of lymph to 15 – 30 times faster than its normal rate. The fun part of this exercise reduces the stress hormone and makes you energized.

  1. Skipping

Rope skipping is a modified version of jumping, which includes coordinating movements of the whole body and a prop of course. You need to be cautious while using the rope and consider some precautionary measures like

  • Use a beaded rope for better grip.
  • Adjust its length according to your height.
  • Choose a suitable surface means not very slippery or rough.
  • Land softly on your feet while skipping.
  • Enough room for leg and hands during exercise.

This exercise enhances your focus, concentration and coordination while burning calories. You can shed up to 800 – 1000 calories per hour and it will benefit your body by rectifying your posture, strengthening your bones and muscles, improving cardiovascular health, stimulating insulin synthesis, maintaining glucose level and do many more positive things to your body.

  1. Cycling

This exercise always puts you in a win-win situation by saving fuel, saving money, losing weight, shaping up the body, improving health and body functions. It is much easier, but more effective than running, feels easy on the joints and it doesn’t exhaust your body. It can burn out about 372 – 1100 calories of your body and it depends on factors like your weight, exercise duration, speed and path of the ride. If you will ride on uneven path or on the slope then you have to put more energy into it means more calorie burning. It improves the cardiovascular system and gives you a lean body with more muscle mass by toning them up. It targets the muscles of shoulders, hands, back, glutes, legs, hamstrings and several joints of the body.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect exercise for all age groups and people with any amount of weight. The buoyancy property of water makes you feel weightless and you can make more efforts towards losing weight. You can burn 90 – 550 calories in 30 minutes and it depends on your weight and the exertion level. It targets all major muscle groups of the body which makes them energy deprived and your lungs and heart has to work more in order to supply blood and oxygen to them. Thus, swimming can increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and burn out the calories even after the exercise as your body requires energy to repair the wear and tear of the muscle tissue.

  1. Rowing

This is a very good exercise to tone up your arms and shoulders. You can either join any rowing club or use the rowing machine at the gym. It will give an incredible workout to your body and burn approx. 500 – 600 calories per hour.

  1. Dancing

A wise man has said one, “if you have a pair of legs, then you can dance” and it is very true. Dancing is an expression of your emotion and a perfect body workout as well. One hour of dancing can burn up to 600 – 800 calories in a day so just turn on the music and start dancing.

  1. Pushups

This is the most low budget exercise which requires nothing but a surface means you can do it anywhere even at your office. A set of 50 pushups can burn 100 calories. Just think what you will get if you increase the pushup count. Well of course, a perfect, well toned and sculpted body. It targets the major muscle group like the core, ABS, chest, back, shoulders, triceps and glutes.

  1. Kettlebell

This is a modern exercise and instantly gets popular among fitness freak people. It is a cast iron ball with single handle and uneven distribution of weight that is why you have to focus more on stabilizing it. In this way it helps you in engaging your whole body and thus enhances your metabolism. Take a professional guidance if you have never used it before. 20 minutes of this exercise can burn 400 hundred calories while targeting the major muscles of the body.

  1. Kick boxing

Anger and frustration are two negative emotions which trap immense energy of the body and this exercise taps out that energy and utilize it for the betterment of you. Modern lifestyle has also added stress and frustration to our body and mind. Kickboxing helps you in releasing the inbuilt tension by engaging your whole body in kicks and punches. An hour of aggressive kicking and punching session can burn 600 calories and gives you great mental relief.

  1. Weight training

Weight training is a very important workout which is designed in a scientific way and the weight equipments also protects you from any injury during workout. You can burn 300 calories per hour of weight training. You can do exercises either for a particular part of the body like shoulders, legs, arms, etc. or a full body workout which depends on your workout plan.

  1. Elliptical trainer

This is the most sought after equipment in the gym as it gives you a proper cardio exercise, strengthen your muscles while toning up your ABS. Just plug in the music in your ears and lose yourself into the workout. You can enjoy this workout for hours and the good thing is it burns off a reasonable amount of calories per hour which is at least 600 calories.

  1. Badminton/tennis

The game of racquet and ball gives you a full body workout while keeping you coordinated and balanced. It involves every muscle of your body and every cell of your brain during the game. It makes you focus and attention, quick in making decisions, well coordinated, flexible and strong. And you cannot miss the FUN part.

  1. Ball game

Outdoor ball games like football, volleyball and basketball are perfect body workout and a great stress buster. Since it is a team game therefore you spend a good time with your buddies and enjoy while burning out approx. 400 calories per hour. It strengthens your bones and connective tissues, detoxify your body, enhance the level of feel good hormone and reduce the stress hormone, increase your height etc.

  1. Step aerobics

This exercise mainly works on your legs, hips and bums which are the trouble zones of the body as it deposits fat much faster than the other parts of the body. Step aerobics, requires an elevated platform (the step) to perform the exercises. The number of calories burn in this exercise depends on step height, speed of movement and duration of the exercise. You can lose 800 calories in an hour by doing this exercise. It benefits you with the reduced stress level, restful sleep, strong muscles and a streamlined appearance of the body.

  1. High intensity interval training

It is the modern method to get enhanced fitness in short duration for instance it can increase your aerobic capacity in just two weeks time. It includes intense workouts of short periods and there is a brief rest between the two workouts. 20 minutes of HIIT three days a week can give you promising results.

  1. Treadmill rounds

This is the modified version of the treadmill session to reduce the boredom by combining it with floor workouts. There are three rounds in this exercise which includes increases in speed from 10.5 to 11.5 miles per hour with 10 counts of pushups, then lunges in the first round, curls with weight and crunches in the second round and pushups and squats in the last round. The running of a treadmill is for 30 seconds duration followed by floor workouts.

  1. Yoga

The whole world is talking about the benefits of yoga. Its holistic approach towards fitness is quite impressing. You can achieve physical, physiological and psychological wellness with yoga practices. The stretching exercises with coordinated breathing techniques work together in improving all functions and parts of your body and increase its efficiency which gives you long lasting benefits.

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