Yoga DVD Review – Element Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga DVD Review – Element Yoga for Weight Loss

Ashley turner is one of the popular faces in foreign yoga fraternity and has many celebrities as he clientele includes many actors, models, music artist and business icons. She has a very unique approach towards yoga and that is she has applied her knowledge of psychology and yoga techniques to channelize the energy in her students and help them to achieve overall mental and physical fitness. She has a decade experience in counseling psychology as well as yoga, which she has put into a simple but effective DVD program.

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Today we will discuss the features of this program in detail:


  • Comes from an experienced and reliable name.
  • Clear and concise instruction.
  • Very fluid movements have been demonstrated.
  • Appropriate for newcomers to yoga.
  • Knowledgeable and encouraging content.


  • Though it is good for beginners, but some experience of yoga will be more helpful.
  • Turner’s voice is bit cutter which can be easily tolerated.
  • Single content without any categorization.
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The DVD program is 54 minutes long and has a short introduction of yoga practice. The video is filmed at the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, which provides a visual treat to the eyes. The yoga session starts with the sun salutation which includes 12 poses which focus on stretching the body. The other poses are pushups, table pose, leg scissor and plies. This program offers a very good cardio exercise and strengthen the core muscles. It follows a combination of factors affecting the physical and mental health of the body. The Vinyasa series of this program will improve the physical health by increasing the heart rate, improving blood circulation and burning out the calories. The breathing technique in this program will make you more focused and attentive while improving your memory, reducing stress, developing the inner strength of self acceptance.

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This is a very good program for many reasons. The first is that it comes from a reliable name in yoga practice and it contains only yoga, no extra nonsense stuff. The intro part is short and sweet enough to encourage you. The stretches have been held for a little longer, but with regular practice of the poses demonstrated in this program, you will get positive results. The demonstrations are with fluid motion and clear instructions. It will increase your muscle definition and flexibility which gives you a healthy and sound body.

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