The Best Workout Routine for Women

The Best Workout Routine for Women

The female body has various shapes and is also affected by many physiological factors like hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which helps in defining the curves of the female body. On the basis of bust, waist and hip size ratio there are eight types of female bodies, but whatever the body type the main concern for every woman is to have a body with curves all in the right places. In order to achieve a perfectly shaped body, you have to gain muscle mass and burn extra calories. All these prerequisites of a toned body can be achieved by a proper workout plan which includes exercises that gives you a full body workout and works in the difficult regions of the body. Here are some exercises which you must include in your workout routine and in return these will help you in becoming fit and sculpt the main attractions of the body like butt, ABS, arms, legs etc.

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Lift off lunge

Lift off lunge

This is the first exercise of your workout plan and benefits any type of body. It mainly targets the shoulders, triceps, core, thighs and butt. The steps of this exercise are

  • Stand straight with feet at shoulder width distance.
  • Hold dumbbells in both hands and move your hands upward beside your body in such a way that dumbbells are a little above your head facing upward and your elbows bent at right angles.
  • Step forward with your right leg and bend your knees at right angles by lowering your body. Your left knee should touch the floor and right knee should be forward and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and then stand up by pressing your right leg and bringing the left one forward.
  • Stand on your left leg while bending the right knee in front of your body. Maintain a straight posture and stretch your hands in an upward direction as much as you can. Hold this position for 30 seconds or more.
  • Come into the original position and relax.

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Pushups, and leg raise

Push ups full body workout

This exercise requires a prop for support like a stability ball or an exercise bench. It works on your shoulders, triceps, chest and core muscles. There are two variations of this exercise on the basis of the prop used.

Steps with a stability ball

  • Lie down on a stability ball by placing your feet on it and balance your torso on your hands so that your body becomes parallel to the floor
  • Allow the ball to roll under your lower leg and bring down your torso a little near to the floor by bending your elbows in a typical pushup position.
  • Lower down your torso till your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Lift your body to return to the original position and simultaneously lift your left leg at 45 degree angle to the stability ball.
  • Bring down your left leg and lift up the right one to complete one round of this exercise.

Steps with an exercise bench

  • Position your palms on the exercise bench at a shoulder width distance and keep your arms and back straight, head facing towards the bench to make a plank position.
  • Do a slow pushup by lowering down your torso towards the bench and simultaneously lift the right leg.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch the leg to complete one rep.

ball exercise

Hundred on the ball

This is a good exercise for the core and it also requires a support like a stability ball. The steps are like this:

  • Lie flat on your back with hands besides your body and place your legs on the stability ball. Palms should be in contact on the floor.
  • Lift your upper body means the head, neck, shoulders off the ground. If you feel stressed then bring down your head back in the original position.
  • Lift your hands off the ground with the palm facing the floor.
  • Hold this position for five breathe in and breathe out.
  • Rebound in your original position and relax.

Mermaid Exercise


This is the perfect toning workout for your body. It targets your core, especially the oblique muscles and the shoulders. The steps are

  • Get into the side plank position by balancing your body with your left elbow with palms touching the floor.
  • Move your right foot in front of your left foot.
  • Lift your right arm and move over your head. The biceps should be next to your ear, the hand should be stretched and palm should dace towards the floor.
  • Lift your body a little upward by raising the hips.
  • Get back to the original position and repeat it.

Scissor jump Exercise

Scissor jump

This is a good cardio exercise which tone up the butt and thighs. The steps are

  • Stand straight and bend your right leg in front of you at the right angle.
  • Stretch your left leg behind you
  • Open your arms to your sides and parallel to the ground
  • Hold this starting position for 30 seconds
  • Stand up by pressing the right foot to the floor and pulling the left leg. Your right leg should be in front of you, left leg behind you and hands stretched on sides parallel to the ground.
  • Swiftly jump in the air and switch the position of your legs means left leg forward and right leg behind the body.
  • Keep jumping continuously, but land lightly on your feet otherwise you will hurt yourself.

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Triangle lat raise

Triangle lat raise Exercise

This exercise targets the muscles of back, shoulders, butt and thighs. The steps for this exercise are:

  • Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and move your right leg forward.
  • Bend the right knee a little to support the weight of your torso. Keep the left leg stretched behind your back.
  • Place your forearm on your right thigh to support your torso and keep your back straight.
  • Raise your left hand to the side and parallel to the ground.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and bring down your left hand in original position
  • Switch the sides and repeat the steps

You can do these exercises irrespective of your body type as it gives you a full body workout and works on your trouble zones. So get rid of that flab and flaunt your sculpted body.

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