What Are the Best Yoga Breathing Techniques for Asthma?

What Are the Best Yoga Breathing Techniques for Asthma?

Regular exercising is known to have plenty of health benefits. But asthma patients find it very difficult to do some form of physical activities. This is the reason why yoga and its breathing techniques is catching attention of asthma patients.

Yoga is a great stress reliving technique relying more on calm stretches with a slower pace that keeps it different from other workouts. However, its benefits are even better than medicines and any other workouts. Some studies have revealed definite reimbursements of various yoga poses for asthma relief. Regular practice for around eight-weeks, patients can notice a significant improvement in the lung function and reduction is asthma symptoms. Therefore, incorporating yoga in treatment plant can have myriad benefits.

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Here are some poses and breathing techniques to try:

  1. Savasana

Savasana or Corpse Pose

This is a great asana for asthma relief as it induces breath and stress management.

To start with, lie flat on your back while keeping your arms by your sides and your feet and palms wide open. Keep your eyes closed and lose your jaws, with focus inwards. Now start focusing on your breaths, and try to calm it down. Relax your every body part and maintain this pose for around 5 -10 minutes while keeping your breath slow and even.

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  1. Sukhasana


This is another comforting pose focusing on breath and controlling stress. It helps in lung function and asthma.

Keep yourself seated, while your legs remain crossed. In case, you sense any kind of discomfort around your hips or lower back, place a towel under your tailbone for additional support. In this pose, bring your left hand to your belly and right hand to your heart. Keep your eyes closed. Draw your stomach in and lift your chest for the perfect posture. Take even breath at a slower pace, and be in this pose for around 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Forward bend

seated forward bend pose

This pose can revive your lung naturally and relieve asthma.

To begin with, stand while your legs remain at a distance of hip-width. Fold your upper body forward. Bend your knees a little to alleviate the strain, if you feel in the lower back (if you are a beginner, otherwise keep it straight). Fold your arms and hold elbows with your opposite hands. Let your body be in this pose till five breaths. Let your eyes remain closed while you practice this pose.

  1. Butterfly

Butterfly asana

This is a relaxing and stretching pose that is great for asthma patients.

Sit while keeping the soles of your feet touching each other and your knees protruding to the sides as if they make two wings of a butterfly. Grasp your ankles gently and draw your heels closer to your hips. Take a deep breath inside, and exhale while you bring your body ahead. Take the help of your elbows to gently put pressure on your knees and bring thighs further close to the floor. Be in this pose for around 5 deep breaths.

Or, feel a stretch in the inner thighs, take slow deep breaths relaxing your muscles. Take a deep breath in while bringing the torso up. Exhale and release the posture. Relax and practice for around five profound breaths.

  1. Bridge pose

bridge pose health benefits

This is a solid pose to relieve asthma because it aids to open the lungs.

As you begin, lie on your back while keeping your arms parallel to your body. Fold your knees while sliding your feet closer to your butt until they get placed directly under the knees. Then slowly lift your butt above the ground. Try to lift your tailbone up in way that your thighs remain parallel to the floor. While you do this, make sure that the shoulder blades remain pressed toward your back, and expand your chest. Gaze on the ceiling and hold this pose for around thirty seconds to one minute. Exhale slowly when you come back to the floor.

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  1. Pranayama (Anulom Vilom Pranayam)

Pranayama (Anulom Vilom Pranayam)

This is an easy breathing technique that provides you an easy way to relieve asthma.

It is a simple pose, but extremely helpful. To begin with, sit your legs crossed, while bringing your head, neck and spine in a straight line. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breaths. Feel your breaths from abdomen and maintain a slow breathing cycle for balance. It is an alternate breathing technique. Start breathing in from your left nostril while keeping your right nostril closed with your thumb. Then breathe out from your right nostril closing the left one with your ring finger and middle finger.

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