Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies

Commonly, parents panic when they find their baby in high temperature. Though fever is not always an indication of serious health complications, but it may require raising an alarm if the temperature increases beyond a certain level. A forehead thermometer can be of great help in this case, and it useful not just a baby, but also for nurses, parents, athletes and doctors. So, there are many advantages of using a good quality forehead thermometer.

Forehead thermometer is easier to use and gives accurate measurement of body temperature by simply pressing the device against the forehead, pressing the button and then wait for a response from the indicator.

This type of thermometer displays accurate temperature without showing invasive properties. This product has been designed to gauge the body temperature with utmost comfort.

There is a problem – most children won’t cooperate with parents when trying to take their body temperature using other thermometer. You can save yourself enough time and keep away from the troubles of convincing them to stay put if you have a forehead thermometer.

Forehead thermometers are technology sound and help parents to gauge temperature of their kids at home. This advancement has made possible to keep the troubles away when taking body temperature. For this reason, these thermometers are preferred over other types sold in the market and doctors recommend parents to have one at their home. They are designed to last longer while remaining accurate, fast and comfortable.

The big thing is that these non-invasive thermometers are quite popular in the market. These are able to take accurate measurement of the body temperature by simply swiping across the baby’s forehead. This means you don’t need to take them in direct contact with the baby’s skin.

This thermometer uses infrared technology to take baby’s temperature accurately and quickly. Outcomes are instantaneous and you need not to wake up your child. Forehead is the place where temporal artery is found, thus it is an ideal place to take your baby’s body temperatures.

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If used correctly, it can give high degree of accuracy as compared to other devices. However, the only disadvantage of using it is that some specific conditions have to be met. Sweating can lower the body temperature so taking body temperature in this case cannot give accurate results. In this case, temperature should be noted by wiping the forehead using a clean cloth.

Here is a list of best forehead thermometers for your help:

  1. Infrared Thermometer by Kintrex

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 1Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 2

This is one of the best non-invasive thermometers in the market that gives accurate results from a distance. Pull the trigger after aiming this thermometer to the intended spot or forehead and pull the trigger. The LED indicator will give you the reading in a fraction of second.

The battery has been designed to last longer than any other unit by around 60%. It can give extensive reading -60 to 500 degrees Celsius or -76 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Its rugged and ergonomic design makes it also suitable for industrial environment.

Impressive features:

  • Temperature measurement range -76 to 932 °F (-60 to 500 °C)
  • Gives accurate temperature in less than a sec
  • Designed to shut off automatically when not used for around 15 sec
  • Has the ability to acclimatize to diverse environments
  • Its highly accurate and easy to carry wherever you go

What you may not like:

  • Reading may be compromised by some outside factors
  • Can give accurate reading only when exact procedure is followed
  • It may break easily, so requires you to take utmost care of it

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  1. No Touch Forehead Thermometer by Braun

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 3Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 4
Everything about this product is convenient. It comes with two options – one that requires forehead contact and another one is the non-invasive option. It has colour-coded and large backlit display indicator to help you see the readings easily.

It also comes with an option to mute the audio alarm in order to prevent your baby from waking up while measuring body temperature. The best part, you remain assured to taking the accurate body temperature with the ThermoScan technology patented by Braun.

Important features:

  • The advanced ThermoScan technology brings accurate result
  • Ensure easy reading with its special backlit technology
  • Professional results with both forehead contact and non-invasive options
  • Colour coded indicator helps to monitor the temperature
  • Measures temperature without waking up your baby
  • It works great for adults too

What you may not like:

Contradictory reviews about accurate and inaccurate measurements may mislead you. However, it also indicates the possibility of human error.

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  1. TEMP IR Thermometer

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 5Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 6
This is non-contact and non-invasive thermometer that has been designed for easy handling. Placing this unit 3 to 5 cm from the baby’s forehead can get you body temperature in a few seconds. With the bright light display you can see the reading clearly, even if you are standing in dark. This is a dual reading thermometer that allows you to change the readings between Celsius and Fahrenheit, whatever you prefer.

In case of high body temperature, it runs an audio alarm alerting you about the fever. You can also monitor the fever’s progress as it has been designed to keep last 32 readings.

Impressive features:

  • Automatically turns off when kept idle for around 30 seconds
  • Comes with big backlit display
  • Non-invasive – takes temperature from a distance 3 to 5 cm
  • Product trusted by users for accuracy, precision and functionality
  • Having this product can give instant help

What you may not like:

  • Accuracy for room temperature may be doubtful

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  1. Thermee Forehead Thermometers

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 7Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 8

This thermometer is a cute looking little device that helps you monitor your baby’s body temperature accurately. It gives a non-invasive means to measure temperature – so keep away the worries as baby would not wake up!

The thermometer also allows keeping track of fever’s progression by recording every reading. Doing so helps the paediatrician to correctly diagnose the reasons behind your kid’s illness.

Using this has no chances of contamination as you need not to use on your baby’s skin. It has been designed for easy application so that even a kid can take the measurement. Aim it close to the forehead and you are done.

This thermometer can take temperature between 89°F to 108°F. If the kid’s body temperature goes beyond 99.5°F, then beep alerts the parent and display changes from green to red.

Impressive features:

  • Non-contact infrared technology gives non-invasive means to take body temperature
  • Doesn’t disturb your child
  • Designed ergonomically to ensure easy handling
  • The alarm comprises both audio and visual signs
  • Bright LED display facilitate easy reading even in dark
  • Designed to look like a toy to please kids

What you may not like:

  • Some users complain of the incomprehensibility of the reading obtained. However, learning how to use the device can help overcome this problem.

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  1. Easy@Home Infrared Thermometer

Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 9Best Forehead Thermometers for Babies 10

This thermometer is just like its name – designed for easy application at home. It is designed to take accurate body temperature from a distance of about 3 to 5 cm from the body – forehead. This is the best non-invasive thermometer to be used at home. It features advanced infrared system to be called as the most stable and reliable thermometers for home use.

You will get a beep noise if it reads temperature higher than 38°C 100.4°F. Also, the LED light blinks various colours from green (for normal) to yellow (low fever), to red for high fever.

It saves the last 32 readings automatically to help the doctor do the comprehensive fever history analysis to find the root cause.

Impressive features:

  • Takes body temperature from a distance of 3 to 5 cms
  • Features automatic power off if not used for 30 seconds
  • Lashed with advanced infrared detection system for stable and accurate reading
  • Different display colours for indicating fever
  • Can also be used to take room temperature and also that of surfaces
  • Users give it the rating of 4.6 out of 5

What you may not like:

Some users complain of inaccurate readings, which may be due to improper handling. Taking accurate measurement requires meeting certain conditions – like wiping excess sweat, removing hair, etc.

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