Anushka Sharma Without Makeup Photos

Anushka Sharma is one of the most dazzling and promising of the new age Bollywood in today’s times. She is health conscious woman and completely attentive for her beauty, and skin care. You can recognize her beauty while she hasn’t put on makeup, she confidently poses without makeup in front of cameras.

Here is a few Anushka Sharma without makeup photos that will help you get enticed with her beauty:

Recent Photos

1. Casual look while traveling around

Anushka Sharma without makeup

The photographers and paparazzi have spotted Anushka without any kind of makeup at the Mumbai International Airport multiple times. She has a natural beauty and a personality that does not need makeup all the time. In the picture, she is seen wearing a plain white t-shirt and denim jeans, along with a simple beige jacket, without any makeup. The way she carries this simple look with basic fashion is what increases the beauty and elegance of the actress.

2. Simple appearance at theatres and special screenings

Anushka Sharma without makeup

The above photo of Anushka was clicked when she was visiting the theatre to watch a movie and her simplicity can be seen by the choice of her clothes and her appearance. She is simply wearing a black vest under a checked shirt, and blue denim jeans down below. Even in this ordinary attire without any makeup or trendy hairstyle, she still manages to look beautiful and the reason behind her beauty is the million-dollar smile.

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3. Natural glow seen in a post-workout click

Anushka Sharma without makeup

Anushka Sharma has given a live example of what a post-workout glow looks like. In this picture, Anushka is seen clicking a mirror selfie after working it out in the gym, with a partly sweating face and cheeks flushed with pink. No one wears makeup at the gym, and even with a sweating face, she flaunts her natural beauty in a black vest with hair ties up.

4. The Anushka Sharma holiday look

Anushka Sharma without makeup

The social media handles of Anushka Sharma, where she regularly posts updates that include her vacation pictures as well, clearly shows the Anushka Sharma no makeup look. This picture is from a cold place where she was vacationing, and one can clearly see that she has no makeup on. Yet she is looking very charming and radiant, which is the true meaning of natural beauty.

5. The no makeup vanity van selfie

Anushka Sharma without makeup

We have observed that most of the celebrities spend hours in their vanity vans doing makeup and making themselves appear beautiful. However, in the picture above, Anushka seems to enjoy her without makeup look in her vanity van. She is flaunting her effortless charm and natural beauty while she clicks a quick selfie for her fans.

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Quite often, we have noticed that most of the celebrities look dull without makeup, but Anushka Sharma is a wonderful exception in this case.

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