Best Fitness Gadgets of 2019

Over the years, fitness has moved away from ridiculous apparatuses sold on infomercials to serious training for people from all walks of life. Additionally, as technology has become more accessible, tools of the trade that were once reserved for elite athletic communities are now available to everyone.

There have been some fantastic inventions from the innovative minds of the fitness-oriented, with new accessories and wearable tech coming out each year.

fitness gadgets

Here are some of the best fitness gadgets that are making a splash in 2019:


HeartBit is an ECG system that can be integrated into fitness tops to track one’s heart rate while integrating with other measurement systems that gives you laboratory quality results while beating your feet on the street. The HeartBit is without having to fret over multiple applications while worrying about inaccuracy.

The HeartBit is a must-have fitness gadget for marathoners, ultra-marathoners, and triathletes who are training for an upcoming event. It will integrate with your smartphone and help you create the perfect, customized training plans based on your goals and the data your body provides during measurements. You can even get a HeartBit Apple Watch band that will recharge your Apple Watch while you run.

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The Mark One Pryme Vessyl

Meet the water bottle to end all water bottles. As the world becomes more conscious of the environmental impacts of using new water bottles all the time, and the health-conscious get reacquainted with the importance of hydration, the Mark One Pryme Vessyl is making its mark. This smart water bottle helps you track your water consumption, allows you to set goals, and syncs with your phone to send you notifications and reminders.

The Mark One Pryme Vessyl works similar to a fitness tracker. You track how much water you consume each day and have health data tracking touchpoints that can be extremely beneficial in the long-term as you continue training.

At some point, this app could integrate with your training apps to determine how much water you should be drinking based on the fluctuations in your heart rate or training plan. Imagine getting ready for a marathon and knowing exactly how much water you should drink to perform well.

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The Jabra Sports Coach Earbuds

If you’ve already made the transition from traditional earbuds to wireless, you know the impact it can have on your training. No more catching a wire and pulling it out of your ear while doing a lift and no more snapping a wire in your lever belt while celebrating a successful one-rep max.

Now, imagine taking that feeling to the next level. The Jabra Sports Coach earbuds create a luxury experience by incorporating your own fitness assistant and acting as a fitness tracker. The earbuds use motion-sensing technology to count reps for you and give you words of encouragement as you progress through your training.

As of yet, there is only limited customization on the training protocols you can follow when using the assistant, but with time, these promise to be a must-have asset during training.

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A key component of improving your training is watching what you eat, and working to fuel your body with proper nutrition. Mindful eating– that is, eating slower and paying attention to the food you ingest– can help improve control over your appetite and get in touch with your hunger cues. These efforts curb binge eating and reduce that feeling of being stuffed.

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The HapiFork is a training device that encourages you to eat slower by vibrating when you eat too fast. It provides a cue to help you become more aware of what you’re doing, just like when a training coach helps you correct your form. Eventually, you won’t need the fork to assist you and will become more mindful overall.

These are just a few of the best tools to add to your training toolbox this year. Having the right tools can help you train harder and smarter while getting the best results for your efforts.

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