Best Types of Mattresses for Back Pain

Best Types of Mattresses for Back Pain

A bad mattress choice can result in harm being done to your body. If you wake up with lower back pain, neck pain, soreness, or an overall ache in your body, it’s most likely due to your mattress. If not the build of the mattress, it can be because of its age. Here are the best types of mattresses you can purchase to relieve or prevent back pain.

1. Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress will have your back supported and prevent tension. When you put your body pressure against memory foam, it takes your shape and adjusts to your frame. When you lift up it goes back to its normal form. This makes sure that the mattress is listening to you rather than forcing itself to conform to your body. It is wonderful for joint pain and is very popular in this industry.

2. Adjustable Beds or Mattresses

Have a monitor used to position itself in a certain way depending on your sleeping position or back issue. Adjusting the bed gives you the ability to sleep in a way that relieves parts of your body that are in pain. Overall, it is pretty much designed for back or body pain, which makes it a great option. Because most people that buy the adjustable bed are seniors or elders, the bed can also be raised or lowered to make getting out of it easier for weaker bodies. These beds can also help relieve other body issues such as asthma, arthritis, and blood flow. Popular mattresses like these can easily be found online on websites like .

3. The Innerspring Mattress

The oldest type of mattress on the market. It is also one of the most reasonably priced. It’s interior consists of coils that bounce and puts a springy feeling to your mattress. This type of mattress is especially good for back pain because of its support system. It ensures that your weight is evened out and leveled.

4. Some Hybrid Beds have a Combination of Foam, Coil, and Layering

These mattresses act in a way that is similar to memory foam but doesn’t take as much advantage as the heating feature. While hybrids act this way, they still retain the good bounce that customers look for. Innerspring beds are a great choice for back pain, but hybrids offer better contouring and a few other features that an innerspring does not. What makes the hybrid original is its all-in-one structure, which isn’t very common in other mattress types.

Some mentionable brands that sell the best versions of the mentioned mattress types include Saatva, Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, and more. Be sure to focus on quality more than price, as a healthy and happy back cannot be purchased at any store. Depending on your issue, you may have to do a thorough search and consider getting assistance from your doctor. In the meantime, figuring out what’s best for you and your back is highly recommended. The mattress is only part of the equation.

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