Less Harmful Ways to Cook Using Air Fryers

Less Harmful Ways to Cook Using Air Fryers

It is generally agreed that what you eat determines how you look. So what about the way you prepare what you eat?

If we agree with the above, one of the things we would consider is that in spite of how well we know the effect of fast foods on our health and appearance, we would still likely stop at the store to get that burger or fries.

So what if we can achieve the bouncy, exciting, lively look, without compromising on gouging on our forbidden treats?

Introducing the modern and exquisitely designed Air Fryers.

Via the TV and online adverts, the Air Fryers have been around for quite some time now. Air Fryers are modern kitchen appliances that help you cook your food without the necessary greasiness that comes from immersing your food in a pan of oil. This is carried out by the movement of heat around the food, heating all parts of the food in an organized manner. Air Fryers are an exciting improvement to the method of thumping your fries into that frying pan and having grease and oil slowing dribbling down your fingers when you are trying to eat them.

If you go checking online, you are going to get lots of positive reviews about the air fryers. Lots of chefs are advocating for the use of air fryers as eating their cake and having it.

However, before you go checking out it would be nice to know the following when using the air fryer:

An adequate amount of air and water is needed

As air fryers typically use air, resulting in the tag Rapid Air Technology, to have your food fried, it is important to have your air fryer in a place that is clean and free from germs. You also need to water when cooking some of the meals. Do ensure you check that in the recipe.

Some Air Fryers do require some quantity of oil to give you the desired taste

You know we have raved about how great the air fryer is, which discounts you having health issues like obesity, heart conditions, etc. because oil isn’t really used. Depending on the meal you are getting ready, the taste you want, and the quality needed to keep your health intact, you would need to check carefully how much oil is needed in that recipe, or the specification of the air fryer before you begin your cooking.

Get an Air Fryer with a working Timer

Since Air Fryers are typically different from when you are actually frying your meal, you could potentially forget that you are getting a meal fried. There are several Air Fryers with timers such as the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer, Avalon Bay or the GoWise Air Fryer. You should make sure you get one. And if you like your meals really cooked, do ensure to look for one with a lengthy timer, like 60 minutes etc.

Use the tools and accessories that are made for your Air Fryer

If you have bought your Air Fryer, you would be aware of accessories that come with it. From the multi-purpose racks with skewers to the deep dish baking tray, to the extra frying pan and the baking cage, the accessories available for air fryers are numerous and help to get you closer to the making of that recipe you are so interested in.

However, when you decide upon the to buy, do know that you are stuck with the accessories that are manufactured for it. If you want the air fryer to last longer, your meals to cook better, and you do not want to void your warranty, you shouldn’t use accessories for other models, on the model you bought.

Allow time for food in extra pans to cook properly

If you happen to have an Air Fryer without the shut-down timer, you probably have to go the manual way of knowing that your food is ready. Some air fryers do come with a compartment for the additional pans, so you can cook a larger quantity of food when you want one.

However, do note that with these air fryers, you would need to give extra time for the food in the pan in the extra compartment to cook, as these are not going to cook as swiftly as the original compartment.

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