Best Ways to Celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary

Best Ways to Celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary

Haven’t you been on a nice exotic vacation anytime soon? Or have you received those glittering diamonds ever in your life? It is the right time to unwind and experience the ultimate joy of receiving love letters, flowers, an exotic holiday and that fancy dinner to celebrate your togetherness of 40 yrs.

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It might be a normal day, but with some love gesture and celebrations, you can make a memorable one, after all, it’s your 40th anniversary. Not many people are blessed to celebrate this day with their spouse in today’s time.

So, to help you out, here are some ideas you can use for or even to surprise your better half:

  1. Small sweet romantic gesture – Remember the days when you were newly married, how you use to give each other sweet compliments, pass romantic notes, bring flowers or cook for each other. Well, you can relive those moments on your 40th anniversary. You can take help of your kids to make the arrangements, or if you can manage on your own, that will be great too.
  2. Plan a vacation – It’s time to go to the place you both always wanted to go but never get the chance due to your kids and other responsibilities. Book your tickets, take out some time for yourself and enjoy it with your better half. Relive the honeymoon period in this gateway. Go for sightseeing, do what you always wanted too, no kids, no worldly responsibilities, but the two of you.
  3. House party – Well, if you want to celebrate the day with your loved ones, then hosting a house party is the best way. Invite all your friends, family members and cherish the day together. Let this be the day once you can reconnect with long lost friends and additionally spend quality time with your kids. You can keep some fun games too at the party to keep your guests entertained. No one is ever old for games, even if it’s your 40th anniversary.
  4. Get ready for the dinner date – Thank your spouse for the 40 years of togetherness by going on a romantic dinner date. Just like the very first date you have been too. Get ready to impress your better half on this special day. You’re never too old to dress up like a young wife/husband. Do not forget to take pictures, since you will cherish these moments later with your family. This will be a quiet, however an unforgettable day of remembrance. Cut the cake, share gifts and enjoy your meal beside each other just like young love birds.
  5. Visit a homeless shelter – What a great way to thank god for giving you such a fantastic partner and life. You both can visit the less privileged and provide them what you can. It might sound different, but it will bring peace to you, even a feeling of helping the needy ones. You will get a blessing for you as well as for your family. You can even cut a cake with them, then share gifts with them. They will remember you forever and will always thank you for your kindness.

Your day is not only limited to yourself, but also to those who surround you. Spread happiness to those who are not your family, and see the world through their smiles. You wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this on your 40th anniversary.