23 Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2023

23 Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2023

Last week, we had shared the post on blue hair color styles. In this post, we have Blonde hair color ideas which you must try if you keep testing different hair shades.

Let’s Explore the Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2023, Here:

1. Pearl Blonde

This pearl blonde shade is just perfect for girls who have straight hair. It’s a very light shade but looks very glowing and beautiful.

2. Brown Blonde Balayage Lob

If your hair is slightly wavy to curly, you should get a Brown Blonde Balayage. A lob haircut will make your balayage hair look stunning.

3. Medium Blonde Balayage

There are so many ways to flaunt your beautiful hair. For instance, try medium blonde balayage for your voluminous long hair. Wavy ends of the hair will be the perfect hairstyle for this.

4. Straight Sandy Blonde Layers

Looking forward to a more professional yet stylish look? Get sandy blonde layers on straight hair to look absolutely stunning for a professional look.

5. Icy Blonde Ombre Waves

Give a makeover to your frizzy and thin hair by getting icy blonde ombre hair. Keep your hair wavy or slightly curly to match the uniqueness of this color.

6. Amber and Gold Blonde

Want something different from your usual hair color? Get amber and golden blonde for your hair, especially if it’s medium-length.

7. Gradient Blonde for Brunettes

Here’s the perfect hair color for brunettes. Gradient blonde hair looks amazing and suits any event, outfit, or hair.

8. Rose gold blonde

It’s not the usual hair color you notice daily. Instead, rose gold blonde is a very unique hair color that looks very beautiful on shoulder-length hair.

9. Light Ash +Blonde

With dark roots and lighter ends, Light Ash Blonde gives you a cool-toned shade. Its subtle touch of grey creates a unique smokey blonde color that goes well if you have naturally light brown or blonde color hair. It is also one of the popular blonde hair color shades.

10. Light Blonde

Ranging anywhere between light muted shades such as platinum, ash, vanilla, etc., Light Blonde gives you a really unique blonde spectrum shade. Fair and medium tone girlies can totally nail this blonde hair color for women.

11. Light Golden Blonde

With subtle hints of honey and golden tones, this shade gives you a very warm and eye-pleasing blonde hair color for cool skin tone. This sun-kissed hue is a perfect choice if you naturally have light or medium blonde hair.

12. Beeline Honey

Owing to its surreal combo of amber-brown and yellowish golden tones, Beeline Honey is truly winning our hearts. If you are hesitant to try the fully blonde look, you can go for this golden brown and toasted yellow option. It’ll give you a great blond hair color with highlights.

13. Medium Champagne

If you are looking for a unique blonde makeover, you can go for the Medium Champagne one. These shades provide subtle ashy undertones paired with beige and light brown hints. Moreover, it is best suited for cool-toned skin.

14. Butterscotch

Butterscotch Blond hair color with back pose - dark blonde hair color 2022

If you think that the classic brunette look is too much and the pure blonde is too less for you, then Butterscotch is one of the perfect blond hair color types for you. It gives a beautiful shade consisting of overpowering brown with -neutralizing blonde.

15. Sunflower Blonde

A girl in black top showing sunflower Blonde Hair color with side pose - medium blonde hair color

Although the look can be totally customized, a standard sunflower blonde consists of dark roots and lighter ends. Moreover, one can find subtle yellow and golden hues in it that gives an ultimate makeover. It is one of the best Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2023.

16. Pure-Diamond

It is no doubt that the outcome of this hair color truly justifies the product’s name. Equipped with neutral tones and dark roots, Pure-Diamond best suits people with naturally light blonde color hair. It is a flattering blonde hair color number.

17. Caramel

It is one of the highly renowned blonde hair color styles that provide you a luxurious and big-budget look. It has a nice brownish shade paired with hints of caramel’s golden tint. If you are looking for something lighter than bronde, then this is a perfect option for you.

18. Hot Toffee

Do you remember your childhood Halloween toffees and candies? Well, the hot toffee is as beautiful as it used to taste. It requires a nice rich golden shade blended with dark brown and blonde hues to create this perfect blonde hair color for dark hair.

19. Sparkling Amber

Sparkling Amber gives you a rich golden brownish shade along with some underlying amber hints all over. This is truly one of the best blonde hair color short hair. Moreover, this shade is also popular for its natural tones that look really appealing.

20. Havana Brown

Havana Brown is popularly used to conceal or minimize red, golden, or orange tones. It gives a natural look and is the best option for dark brown, medium blonde, and medium brown hair.

21. Espresso

A girl in check shirt showing her espresso blonde hair color with back pose - long hair color

If you are looking for something low maintenance but durable, then you might just have found your soulmate. The espresso blonde hair color is among the top choices due to its versatility and long-lasting impact on your hair. It is a cool tone with caramel and brown hints.

22. French Roast

As the name itself suggests, French Roast offers a dark brown base paired with underlying red and bronze tones. It comes in the warm color section and is a great choice for people with naturally dark brown hair and warm tone skin.

23. Cooper Shimmer

Mostly, people with warm tones and natural red hair complexion can easily rock this look. Cooper Shimmer offers a very dark brown copper color and is best suited for light or medium brown hair.

Hope you liked these Blonde hair color ideas in 2023. Tell us in the comments which are the different hair shades you like to try?

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