Breastfeeding in Public: Need of a Child or an Act of Vulgarity?

Breastfeeding in Public: Need of a Child or an Act of Vulgarity?

Breastfeeding is a word which affects different genders in a completely different way because it invokes a motherly emotion in a woman while the same word is capable of arousing a man. It is not just a natural process of feeding an infant but it is also a way in which a mother deepens her bond with her child.

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But some people don’t see it like that and sexualize the breasts even in a pure act of breastfeeding. Why am I saying that? Recently, I have come across news of a model and actress Lisa Hayden getting trolled over her pic where she is feeding her child.

She is not the first woman who has been trolled by owners of a sick mentality. Senator Larissa Waters and Rebekah Vardy, wife of England football Jamie have also been trolled over social networking sites.

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Is breastfeeding a child in public a wrong act and if yes then how?

Some people have commented that women should not breastfeed at work while WHO (World Health Organization) list of 10 facts on breastfeeding suggested that “Mothers should continue breastfeeding at work”.

When I was checking out the 10 facts of breastfeeding by WHO, I found that every slide has a pic of a woman feeding her child while her breast is visible in the picture. I think these trollers must have a look at them and blame WHO for posting explicit content.

Before discussing the behavior and psychology of trollers, we should have knowledge of the importance of breastfeeding. According to WHO, breastfeeding ensures child health and survival. If it is scaled up to global level than approximately 820 000 child lives could be saved every year.

Trollers must read the 10 facts on breastfeeding by WHObefore moral policing any mother. I have seen the picture of Lisa Haydon breastfeeding her son and I didn’t find any vulgarity in that.

It was a beautiful picture of a mother with her baby but trollers have just noticed the size of her boobs and why she has posted that picture on her Instagram account.

One troller of Senator Larrisa has commented

You can breastfeed all you like in the privacy of your home, there’s no need to show the world, the world is not interested. Going to the toilet is natural, you wouldn’t expect people to be ok with doing that in public, and doing it at work when cameras are pointed at you is nothing but a disgusting creep show.

How could anyone compare breastfeeding with using a loo? If a mother is traveling and her baby needs to be fed then should she let her baby cry until she reaches the safe and silent environment of her home because people get offended by her breastfeeding act?

Frankly, I also used to think the same until I have become a mother. I used to think that how embarrassing is to feed a child in public places but Indian apparel like saree and dupatta comes handy when such needs arise.

I have observed another thing about breastfeeding in public and that too in India that woman is more supportive. They don’t frown if a mother needs to feed her child and also provide room for that.

But at the same time, I have also caught few men gawking at the covered chest of the mother in a hope that they would get a glimpse of her breast. Shameless isn’t it? But what else can you expect from a sex obsessed country?

I would only suggest these trollers respect the woman who tends to their baby’s needs because if they can insult those women then they are also insulting their own mother. I never expected that these trollers would include women but I was surprised to see how women have insulted the above-mentioned actor and politicians.

I think people have all the time to troll others but if they spend even half of that time in their self-assessment then they would become a much better human being. So stop trolling and start understanding the things in a positive way, do remember popular saying “a beauty, as well as vulgarity, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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