Celebs Who Suffer From OCD and Anxiety

Celebs Who Suffer From OCD and Anxiety

The world is not perfect and so is its inhabitants in the world. Our worlds is categorically divided into either the super-rich or then the poor by the masses on the basis of the amount of money people earn. The celebrities being designated as the definitive achievers and practically active Gods. According to people, celebrities are born with the silver spoon which later they turn it to the platinum spoons. As hilarious as it sounds, the expectations of the people from the celebrities and the highly successful politicians is that they cannot suffer from any kind of diseases and cannot have any other kind of problems.

The truth is quiet clear as celebrities are just like us, normal human beings who are equally prone to diseases and problems as we are. As an example many celebrities suffer from OCD and anxiety. A very basic problem and also a very rare condition but yes many celebrities either in Hollywood or in Bollywood suffer from these conditions. For people who are reading this and aren’t aware of what OCD and anxiety is, we are happy to help here.

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What is OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) and anxiety?

OCD as termed medically is a psychiatric disorder. Though OCD is demonstrated in many forms but the most common condition of OCD is an individual’s condition to be obsessive for a particular task. The tasks can be specific rituals or certain compulsion tasks. OCD has the ability to drive the person to an obsessive level.
Many doctors claim that the person with an OCD has the capacity to be absorbed in depth of a specific cause. It isn’t as scary as it sounds but there are number of celebrities who hold elevated OCD and anxiety levels asserts that they are fighting with their declared OCDs.

Celebrities with OCD

Many celebrities have proudly on record to declare that they have OCD and aren’t ashamed of it at all. However, there are certain celebrities who have admitted that they have been fighting with their OCD since a long time. The celebrities who have OCDs are:

1. David Beckham

David Beckham OCD

The super successful soccer player in the history of soccer in England also a celebrity now suffers from OCD. When interviews he gladly nodded that he suffers from OCD. When asked further that what kind of OCD does he suffers, then the mighty star said that he has the tendency to go irritated at a crazy level when he doesn’t find things arranged properly specially furniture. He also laughed it out that whenever he books a room he makes it a point that his room’s furniture is aligned properly according to his comfort level. Well as we all love him for how a dashing and a strong personality he is. We can’t say that his OCD is a problem but if that makes him perfect and astounding then we are glad that he has it.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Di Caprio OCD

The multi-millionaire and the Oscar nominated actor has a serious OCD of gum stains. The actor claims that he has the tendency to step on every gum stains he comes across on the sidewalk and also avoids the cracks on the sidewalk. Well this is brand new information about our favorite Titanic star. A weird OCD but we all love him for the way he is.

3. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz without makeup photos

The Knight and Day actor mostly acclaimed for her wittiness and her spontaneity in the most aesthetic way possible is a poor miser of OCD. Cameron once came on the record to accept that she is extremely finicky about door knobs. She tends to rub the door knob so hard to its former color in order to make sure that the door knob is clean. She practically takes the paint off the door knob to make herself content that the door knob is clean and germ free. This is seriously rare and we pity the door knob that comes across the hands of our beloved actress Cameron.

4. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake OCD

The heart breaking and amazingly talented singer and actor Justin Timberlake is also reported to suffer from intermediate level of OCD. When asked, then Justin playfully said that he suffers from the mixture of OCD and anxiety. He alleges that he is specific of having a certain and specific kinds of food in his refrigerator. He is also very peculiar of making sure that everything he has to do should be lined up accurately. These two things make him really go crazy when he finds that his things are not as per his remarks and his expectations. This is something we would happily agree that yes it does makes our heads cracked when the work is not lined up properly but wait with the refrigerator food is something rare. Well rare is our star Justin Timberlake that makes him special and aesthetically different.

5. Jessica Alba

jessica alba without makeup photos

Being the most beautiful and the most elegant actress in the Hollywood industry we can say certain issues can be given a pass. Jessica Alba went on the record and gladly claimed that she suffers from OCD which is very energy conservative. She has a crazy habit to check every room’s and appliance’s switch before going to bed. Sometime she even gets up in the middle of the night to check whether the appliances and rooms switches are turned off or are still on. This is something we would exceedingly appreciate as the energy is being saved by the most respectable and most substantial being on earth which can turn as an inspirational factor for others.

6. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The Dark Horse hit maker and undeniably gorgeous and super successful singer in a conference said that she holds the capacity to freak out at an escalated level when she finds out that the make up in her purse has broken or a pet nearby. She is completely intolerant towards fur on her dresses and clothes. Certainly, if this is what OCD is then all girls would be suffering from it. Well nothing brings her down as she is amongst the extremely successful people in music industry today.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The extremely beautiful and charming actress in Hollywood suffers from mixture of OCD and anxiety. She in an interview said that she is not able to go to sleep properly when she personally haven’t checked that all of her house’s cupboards and doors are locked and closed. She sometimes gets up in the middle of night and check the doors. This is seemingly shocking as our lovely actress finds hard to sleep when things are not up to the mark.

8. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen OCD

The humorous and controversies favorite actor Charlie sheen on a talk show claimed that he had a hard time fighting his urge for drugs but also had OCD which made things difficult for him. Charlie has stayed in the news for the starting of his career i.e. Two and a half men. He was reportedly fired from the show after his successful years because of his obsessive and rough nature. Nothing to complain as we loved Charlie for his work in the hit sitcom Two and a half men. He has been a tremendous entertainer and has made his audience laugh then and continues to make them laugh. Well this is a big achievement Charlie. We support you in your tough times and wish you a great life.

9. Donald Trump

Donald Trump OCD

Donald Trump, another celebrity who is loved for his work alleges that he has fear of germs and doesn’t prefer to shake hands. He even said that whenever he is in a lift, he refrains from pressing the ground floor button. Extremely neat and fairly clean is something everyone wants but this is the extent of being finicky. We wonder how he travels and visits public places.

10. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

The former transformer actress and winner of the title “World’s sexiest women alive” for years, Megan Fox claimed that she is extremely allergic to public toilets and restaurant silver ware. She practically avoids visiting restrooms and restaurant. It becomes a nightmare for her when she has to use the restrooms in case of emergencies. We understand Megan why are you so finicky because with a glorious and a stunningly beautiful figure like that anyone would love himself/herself to the crazy extent.

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11. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

As strong and tough characters she plays like the Snow-white witch, Charlize is extremely neat and ultra-hygienic person. She tends to make the table turns in an ugly manner when she finds out anything mismanaged and unclean. She openly admitted to her OCD for cleaning and said that’s nothing to be ashamed of whatever defines you as a person. Way to go Charlize, we love you no matter how crazy you get when you find things dirty. Anybody would love to even see you that way.

Well the list can keep on going as the number of celebrities suffering from OCD is endless. But no matter whatever they are, we love them as is.

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