MS Dhoni’s Fitness and Workout Regime

MS Dhoni’s Fitness and Workout Regime

MS Dhoni who is also known as “captain cool” of the cricket team is one of the most sorted players. He has an extremely fit and strong body and he maintains the same physical as well as mental.

His fitness mantra –

Being one of the topmost players of his time, he has his workout and fitness regime.

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But there are some MS Dhoni’s fitness and workout regime which he follows wholeheartedly –

1.No excess fat –

He believes that as per his BMI, he needs to have some amount of fat. And then he says no to any excess fat. He keeps a close look at his diet and workout both to get rid of the excess fat.

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2. Overall fitness –

He plays cricket but he is also a fan of badminton and football. He believes that all this is required to keep his body flexible and active.

3. Protein shakes –

Dhoni drinks ample amount of protein shake almost the entire day. He keeps himself hydrated and high on energy during workouts and during his matches.

4. Home Cooked Food –

He believes that home-cooked food is best to stay fit. Dhoni maintains his distance from the junk or deep fried items.

5. Milk –

MS Dhoni during Match
MS Dhoni during Match drinking with bottle

His favorite is milk and milk products. He has been a milk lover since childhood. And he continues drinking milk every day even till today. When he started his international career there was a time when he used to drink 4 liters but now he drinks only 1 liter of milk.

MS Dhoni Diet Plan

Dhoni believes in simple and clean eating. The man has been eating simple home cooked food. And his diet is rich in carbohydrates, fats, and protein. He has a soft corner for butter chicken and time to time he wants to try the same.

  • Breakfast – Breakfast is usually cornflakes or porridge with fruits and nuts, a glass of milk, whole wheat bread, or parantha.
  • Lunch –For lunch, he eats chapattis with daal or chicken (for added protein) and a bowl of mix vegetable salad for added nutrients and fiber. On some days he skips chapatti and eats rice with veggies instead and a bowl of curd.
  • Dinner –Dinner is usually like lunch with chapattis, vegetables, and a bowl of fruit.
  • Snacks– Pre and post workout meals are usually a big glass of fresh fruit juice or protein shake. For evening or mid-morning snack, he would eat a simple sandwich with no cheese or fruit.

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MS Dhoni Workout Regime

MS Dhoni strictly believes in working out with his team. His team workout involves 4 hours of training and intense workout. Since he is an all-rounder thus he spends some extra time in the gym.

He loves doing cardio. He is regularly into strength training which prevents injury and adds to the stamina of the players.

His favorite workouts are –
  • Machine chest press
  • V –grip Lateral Pulldown
  • Lateral pulldown
  • Reverse lunges on bench
  • Prone dumbbell rowing
  • Alternate dumbbell curl
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Walking lunges with dumbbell
  • Single leg deadlift

Last but not least genetics plays a major role in someone’s fitness. Dhoni belongs from Almora, Uttarakhand. Thus, he is blessed with a muscular frame and lean fat.

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