Drug Abuse in the Jewish Community: How to Find Help

Drug Abuse in the Jewish Community: How to Find Help

Drug abuse is often not talked about openly in the Jewish community, and it’s not easy to know where to find help. The provides valuable information for members of the Jewish community who need to find help for family members or friends who suffer substance abuse problems.

Substance Abuse in the Jewish Community

Substance abuse is often hidden in the Jewish community, and this secrecy often makes it difficult to diagnose addiction. There is also a stigma attached to seeking care at a rehab center.

It has become clear that the Orthodox segment of the community needs to be persuaded that addiction is a preventable and real problem. There is continued denial that alcohol is one of the most commonly abused addictive substances in the Jewish community, which prevents people from seeking help, as they feel stigmatized. The denial in the community is so strong that Jews suffering from an addiction problem often end up experiencing alienation.

Some harmful beliefs regarding Judaism and addiction include:

  • If you use alcohol and drugs, you have become alienated from your religion.
  • People who belong to the Jewish faith can’t get addicted.
  • Substance addiction is a sign of moral failure.
  • Orthodox Jews don’t use drugs or drink alcohol.

Substance abuse is actually widespread, and even conservative members of the community aren’t safe from external influences.

Jews struggling with addiction deserve to get the support they need. There is a growing awareness that addiction is becoming more prevalent among Jews, which has given rise to a demand for Jewish faith-based rehabilitation centers.

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What Is a Kosher Rehabilitation Center?

Jews who struggle with substance abuse do not always have the option to go to a general rehabilitation center. Some centers won’t provide kosher foods, and they may not offer Jewish religious services.

It’s vital to have access to a Jewish rehabilitation center in a community where you feel comfortable. At a kosher recovery center, you can have the comfort and support of your faith, as well as the fellowship of your religious community, all while being effectively treated for your addiction.

Like all other substance abuse rehabilitation programs, kosher rehabilitation includes detoxification, psychological and physical healthcare, as well as aftercare.

Benefits of a Kosher Rehabilitation Center

Kosher rehab centers help people beat their addictions while also instilling a new faith in their religion. They apply Jewish life lessons and teachings to the rehabilitation process. In a kosher rehabilitation center, you will have:

  • A kosher diet plan, with healthy kosher food as part of all your meals. These foods will build your immune system and boost your mood.
  • Access to Jewish religious services that will provide you with spiritual sustenance and encouragement during this difficult time.
  • A community of people from your religious background to help with your recovery, as you will have a sense of belonging.
  • A program that will help you retrain your thought processes so that you can make more positive and healthier choices.
  • Counseling sessions and support groups that work in conjunction with the principles of the Jewish faith.
  • A focus on your overall sense of well-being: faith, spirituality, and self-worth. To prevent a relapse, aftercare services are also often provided.

Final Thoughts

If you are a member of the Jewish community who is struggling with addiction, there is no need to feel ashamed or stigmatized. A kosher rehabilitation center can help you beat your substance addiction, and teach you the life skills to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. These centers can help you overcome your difficulties while simultaneously catering to your religious needs.

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