What are the Four Advantages of Follistatin 344?

What are the Four Advantages of Follistatin 344?

Muscle development, inflammation, and fertility are linked, . Even while Follistatin has gotten a lot of attention in the bodybuilding community, it may not be all it’s built up to be in muscle development.

Learn more about Follistatin and the foods and substances you may use to raise your levels.

Follistatin: What is it and How Does it Work?

It is a glycoprotein, a protein-and-sugar mixture, in other words. Follistatin is generated mainly in the liver, as shown by studies in rats and mice, although it may be found in almost everyone’s organs.

In reaction to muscle injury, follistatin levels rise in muscle tissue, which aids in cell proliferation throughout the body. However, Follistatin is made up of various distinct forms, each serving a particular purpose in the body.

This is follistatin 344 (FS-344) in its most basic form. Follistatin-producing genes are delivered into the body via viral vectors engineered explicitly. Various body portions may then convert Follistatin’s “generic” version to target different body regions.

  • Follistatin 315 is the most common blood-stream type of Follistatin. That may be the optimum form of Follistatin to take in supplementation.
  • Pregnancy-related follistatin 288. This substance also influences tissue growth and cancer cell formation.
  • Follistatin 300 is Follistatin involved in reshaping nerve connections and inflammation of the heart.

Inhibitory Effects of Follistatin

Follistatin inhibits the activity of a wide range of proteins and hormones, including but not limited to

  • An essential part of apoptosis, metabolism, and endocrine balance; bone growth; fibrosis inflammation; neural development; tubule formation of endothelial cells; and cancer development.
  • Inhibitor of muscle development, Myostatin.
  • The bone-forming growth factor GDF-11.
  • Involved in egg and sperm development; folicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (gametes).
  • It is via activins that Follistatin exerts its cancer and reproductive health effects. On the other hand, Follistatin inhibits muscle development by interfering with Myostatin.

Follistatin’s Health Advantages

Growth of Muscle

Many people in the bodybuilding world believe that Follistatin may significantly increase muscle growth, even though only a few studies explicitly support this claim in healthy subjects.

According to research, taking 10 to 30 grams per day of egg yolk-derived Follistatin (MYO-X) with strength training for eight weeks increased muscle mass in 37 male subjects. The protein myostatin, which regulates muscle growth, can be inhibited by Follistatin, which might speed up muscle growth.

Follistatin has been shown to enhance muscle development by decreasing myostatin activity, as shown by research on monkeys.

When folistatin was administered to mice, it promoted muscle cell growth and repair. Although Follistatin increased muscle development in Myostatin-deficient mice, Follistatin affects muscle growth in ways unrelated to Myostatin.

There is inadequate evidence to support this prevalent usage of Follistatin. More large-scale clinical studies are required to verify the early results.

Retaining Muscle

Efficacy and safety of follistatin injections in individuals with Becker muscular dystrophy (a muscular condition that affects the legs and pelvis) were shown in a trial of six male patients.

A for sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting illness associated with aging, has also included increasing Follistatin levels. Muscle strength was boosted in aged mice who received daily injections of epicatechin (a natural substance that raises Follistatin levels).

After seven days of the same therapy, six patients saw an increase in their handgrip strength.

Follistatin also made the lives of mice with spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that causes muscle loss and runs in families, last longer.

Using Follistatin as a therapeutic may be possible because of its effects on muscle development and preservation. Until further clinical studies are done, there isn’t enough data to say that Follistatin helps prevent muscle loss.

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