27 Trending Funny Fitness and Food Memes

27 Trending Funny Fitness and Food Memes

Here are a few of the best fitness and food memes relating to eating food and staying fit of 2022. Maybe you have experienced them in your life and you have found that it’s not all that hard to get going with losing weight. At least you might think it would not be too tough to handle.

  • Me: I’m gonna look fucking gorgeous after the workout.

Me in Reality:Face it, Harl, you look dreadful. Every time girls think they look cute after a deadlift, they look dreadful.

  • Opens a bag of lays chips just to find out the same amount of happiness left in your life.

These funny meme lists are just mocking the way they market lays chips. They have very few chips with more air and lies.

A man in white t-shirt with black shorts sleeping on a exercise machine - trending fitness memes
  • It basically describes the life of every person who makes New Year’s resolutions to work out but reaches the gym to just take a nap.
  • A funny meme comparison with dumbledore the wizard in Harry Potter; it means people who look like nerds usually have a good physique under those baggy clothes.
  • All those deadlifts with front squats will lock your wrists in the same position. Also, getting the regular posture back with the pain kicking in will be hard.
  • Music is the key to a good energetic workout; finding that one song with the adrenaline kick to start the workout is necessary.
  • When you finally get yourself into a healthy eating diet for only three hours, but your dumbass is already wondering why you are not skinny already.
A women in black bikini standing and drinking some liquid from a bottle - trending fitness memes
  • Lifting weights don’t make people huge. It’s eating cakes that make them huge.
A man in white shirt and tie eating hot dog and working on computer - food memes
  • The Facebook Diet is one of the most important diets in the world. If you did not post anything on your Facebook page about eating it then you didn’t really eat it.
Many burgers are served in a trey - funny fitness memes
  • Normal people see meals as they are served. Bodybuilders see meals as calories, proteins and carbs.
A baby girl is eating a lot of food - trending food memes
  • Working out isn’t hard. It’s eating that is tough.
A fat girl in pink dress and matching bandana thinking about food - fitness memes
  • You feel like you’ve been on a diet for months but it’s only the first day that you’re still on.
A man in multi color high neck sweater with hat taking to some one - trending fitness memes
  • You can easily get up early on Black Friday to go shopping. Why not get up really early to go work out?
A dog is sitting in front of a pizza - food memes
  • When you eat healthy all day long, a little snack can turn into two. And three…and four…
A man in grey suit with white shirt and tie thinking about something - funny fitness memes
  • All that junk food you eat in a weekend can really catch up fast. Have you ever tried to get back to the swing of things after just a few days off?
A boy in blue t-shirt with cap eating a huge slice of pizza - trending food memes
  • It only takes one cheat meal to wipe you out and really make you tired.
A man in blue coat with white shirt and matching tie thinking about something - fitness memes
  • Try to pretend that all the stuff you ate this past weekend didn’t actually happen.
A man in black suit with white shirt and matching tie - trending fitness memes
  • Don’t ever sugarcoat the fact that you need to get fit and eat right. If you sugarcoat it then you’ll just eat that too.
A cartoon character is sitting in red shirt and thinking - food memes
  • When a doctor says you are obese, that does not mean you are “a beast.”
Many pizza slices in different containers - funny fitness memes
  • Meal prep is easy to handle. Just take one pizza, divide it into pieces and prep that pizza into each meal you have in a day.
A women in sky blue sweat shirt and black trousers sipping a drink - trending food memes
  • Once you go to the gym, you deserve an award.
A cartoon character is drink diet coke and working on computer - fitness memes
  • If you’re going to order a massive sandwich then maybe you should at least order a Diet Coke to go with it.
A man in sky blue collar t-shirt with spectacles mixing his coffee - trending fitness memes
  • When you start to see definition in your legs, you can tell that you’re clearly going somewhere in your workout.
27 Trending Funny Fitness and Food Memes 1
  • It’s a “hunter gatherer” diet as you eat stuff that cavemen would have eaten. You eat paleo foods like paleo breads, paleo cookies, paleo brownies, paleo cakes and all that stuff they had back then. They really had it hard thousands of years ago!
Lots of cartoon characters in one frame - food memes
  • Everyone at a family gathering loves to eat lots of food and have fun with it. That is, they enjoy it until you start bringing out all those Tupperware containers.
A boy in cult sleeves shirt and cap eating fries and cold drink - funny fitness memes
  • When you’re bulking, you’re supposed to build muscle mass, not make yourself really fat.
A boy is eating a very large pizza - trending food memes
  • You’re not allowed to eat cheat meals during your prep for a big workout or exam? That’s fine, you will be perfect and safe. Nothing wrong will happen at all…
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