Hair Growth Tips for Men

Hair Growth Tips for Men

Hair loss bothers a number of men making them feel insecure and embarrassed. Most men suffering from hair loss, in a bid to have more hair would part with their luxurious cars, boats, or other prized possessions. This was revealed by the national survey held by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgical procedure. It stated that man takes care of their hair and would do anything possible to restore it. Have you ever thought what you would do if you are one of the men losing hair? Well, you can try these fast hair growth tips for men hair loss treatment.

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Medical Checkup

If you are suffering from hair loss then the first thing that you need to do is to determine the cause of your hair loss as soon as possible. Man may suffer hair loss due to several causes and underlying reasons. Once you find out the reason behind your hair loss, you can avail the best hair loss treatment and products available.

Change Medications

Taking medicines regularly may also cause hair fall in you. Medications for arthritis, migraine headache and other medical conditions can be the cause hair loss. In order to check with this, you need to some medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Ask your doctor for some alternative medicines and medical procedures which don’t cause any side-effects in the form of hair loss.

Stress Management

Stress, both mental and physical, has always been a reason of hair loss. Extreme stress due to any medical condition or serious family issues can sometimes result in a sudden hair loss. But, once we are stress free, the hair will normally regrow within a few months. However, taking stress in day to day life can also be another reason for hair loss. You should balance your work and recreation if you want to get rid of daily stress. You can do so with proper exercise, enough rest and adequate sleep. This will help your body to be stress free and help it to improve and repair hair growth.

Take Proper Care of your Hair

Taking proper care of your hair is one of the best solutions to prevent hair fall. Styling your hair with improper perming, bleaching and dyeing can damage your hair to a great extent. Combing wet hair get stretched leading it to break, thus, if you need to style your hair, do on the dry hair rather than on wet hair. You should make minimum use of hairdryer as much as you can and it is always recommended to air dry the hair. You can help your hair grow with appropriate styling and proper use of hair care products .

Hair Growth Vitamins

Eating proper food rich in nutrition is very important if you want healthy and dandruff free hair. It will also help fast and healthy hair growth. You should include food rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients in to your daily diet. These nutrition and minerals are responsible for natural hair growth, deficiency of proper nutrition can cause hair fall in male nearing them to baldness. Do not eat a particular type of food rather include a variety of food products into your daily diet. However, you need to exclude foods high in sugar or fat; always opt for natural and lightly processed foods and never over cook your food. You need to supply your body with adequate protein, useful carbohydrates and good fat. All these promote healthy hair growth. You need to supplement your body with multi-vitamin and mineral products. You can also opt for hair growth vitamins available on the market. These products help in faster hair growth and hair strengthening.

Scalp Massage

Massaging you scalp will promote better blood circulation that will further enhance the growth of your hair. It will promote the hair follicles and will also unclog if there is any blocked oil glands in the scalp. Never allow dust, oil to accumulate in the scalp as this will lead to hair fall. Wash your scalp gently to remove oil, dead skin, and other remains that creates blockage in the follicles that further disrupts healthy hair growth. Olive oil scalp massage can do wonder in cleansing our scalp.


Exercising is one of the best ways to stop hair fall and increase healthy hair growth men. Thus, all men who aspire to have strong and thick hair should include physical activities in to their daily regimen. Physical activities help reduce stress and anxiety while helping you to lead a healthy way of living.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

In order to restore your healthy hair, you should avoid using chemical products for hair treatment and colouring. Your hair can get totally damaged, dry or dull due to repeatedly coloring or perming. It is also to remember not to use hair chemical products at home rather, you can always take help from a good stylist for such services. Taking help of professional stylist is suggested because they will properly know the type of your colour and thus will choose the best products for your hair type.

Hair loss can be a worrying experience and can make a man lose self-confidence thus losing his self-esteem. This further has an adverse impact on his life both person and professional. This is the reason why every man is eager to see any progress when it comes to repairing and restoring his hair. You need to realize that you can have healthy hair growth over night, as it is a process that will take time. You need to be patient with the slow process of hair repairing and growth. Instead, without wasting any time you need to consult a doctor in order to known the best course of action that would help you grow healthy hair. You need to eat right, control your stress, massage your scalp regularly to fight hair fall problem and to give boost to your body to promote healthy hair growth.

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