Hair Growth Tips for Women

Hair Growth Tips for Women

Gene is one of the important deciding factors for the growth of your hair. It is estimated that every month our hair usually grows a quarter to a half an inch. With added supplements like exercises and proper diet, you can increase the growth rate of the hair. You can improve the quality of your hair locks with many methods. If you want to be the proud owner of long and luscious locks of hair then these tips on how to grow hair longer and faster will help you a lot.

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Get Hair Growth Tips for Women:

1) In the growing years, you need to keep your hair in good condition. For this, you need to keep trimming your locks regularly to prevent split ends. Hair mask is an excellent product that keeps your hair looking wonderful and they are available on the market in varieties. However, be careful to pick the hair mask that will not only aid in faster hair growth but also make your hair look smoother, silkier, healthier, and more beautiful. If you do not want to use a hair mask available on the market, then you can prepare your own hair mask at home. To prepare a homemade mask take a yolk of one egg, tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and then mix them all together very well. Then apply this mixture into your roots spreading it to the lengths. Keep it on the hair for 30 minutes, then wash and condition your hair to get amazing hair.

2) To make your hair grow faster you need to supplement it with a lot of protein. Besides using hair care products to beautify your hair you should also keep a check on what you eat. Many of us do not know that food can make a great difference in how fast your hair grows? As we all know that protein is the building block, it provides building material for your hair as well. It helps in making your hair grow quicker, look healthier and strong. Since hair is made of protein, the more you eat protein, the more can be your hair growth rate. Hence, ensure that your diet has eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, red meats, etc. Eat healthy and your hair will smile at you.

3) You should brush your hair for 1 to 2 minutes. Make it a habit to comb your hair every morning and evening. Brushing your hair will promote blood circulation in the scalp. You should massage your head gently; this will help to spread the natural oil uniformly over your hair. Healthy blood circulation in the scalp will allow hair follicles to work efficiently and grow new healthy hair cells. Here you should remember never to brush your hair forcefully when it is still wet. Combing your wet hair can damage the locks and cause breakage. Use a wide tooth comb or use a special detangling brush to comb your hair.

4) Every time you wash your hair, remember to massage your scalp. This will help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. Massage your head gently for a minute using your fingers and aid in the healthy and faster hair growth.

5) A healthy scalp means healthy and beautiful hair. This is why, you should take extreme care of your scalp. To ensure healthy scalp, do not apply hair conditioner to the roots of your hair. Applying conditioner to the hair roots will not only lead to thinning your hair but will also make it oily soon. Some of the hair conditioners has waxes and silicons that can stop the head skin to breathe and can block pores. Hence, you should apply your hair conditioner only on your hair strand.

6) If you want to grow your hair longer and faster then try massaging your scalp with warm oil. Though it is easy and simple trick, it has incredible effects on the hair. You can massage your scalp with a range of oils available. You can pick your oil from linen oil, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. Massage your scalp with the warm oil for at least 15 minutes in circular motion to spread the oil evenly and then wash it off thoroughly after 30 minutes. Massaging your scalp will not only increase hair growth rate but will also you relax. This treatment is sure to offer your amazing result making your hair looks siklier, healthier and smoother.

7) You should take care of your hair not only during the day but also while you are sleeping. Now, you must be thinking how to take care of your hair while sleeping. Not to worry, it is in fact, very easy. Make sure not to sleep tying your hair tightly in a ponytail or a braid. This will prevent your hair to grow fast and might cause breakage of your hair and pain in your scalp. Tie your hair loosely instead. Sleeping on a pillow with silk pillowcase will further aid in hair growth. Silk is much kinder to your hair and it doesn’t cause friction in comparison to cotton pillow covers. Silk pillow cover will not only effective for good hair but also will help prevent wrinkles from appearing.

8) Castor oils are very beneficial for hair. Apply overnight castor oil hair treatment to grow hair faster. Massage your head with castor oil and leave it on the hair overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair the next morning, you will be amazed to get wonderful result. You can apply this treatment more than once week to get longer and stronger hair locks.

Now, knowing some of the best tips on how to grow your hair faster, try and experiment with your hair to make it grow faster and healthier. Flaunt your beautiful and long hair and stay beautiful and happy always.

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