Stylish Hairstyles for Oblong face shape

Stylish Hairstyles for Oblong face shape

The most common problem every woman faces while getting ready for work, an event, or just for casual outings is choosing the perfect hairstyle. It gets even more difficult as women have to look for hairstyles that suit their , outfit, makeup, etc.

Well, we have tried to offer a solution to it by providing you with a few of the various Haircuts for oblong faces.

These styles are easy, amazing, and are quite a in fashion, and can be called the most preferred haircut for oblong faces 2022.

  • Side Parted Glory
A girl in ash blonde hair and black dress showing her Side parted glory hairstyle - Haircut for Oblong face

Add a little oomph factor with just a simple side part. It is truly amazing how a simple move can take your whole look from basic to mesmerizingly beautiful, especially on oblong face shapes.

  • Sleek Low Ponytail
A girl in yellow back less dress showing the side view of her sleek ponytail - hairstyles for Oblong face 2022

This hairstyle is an example of how stylish and fantastic ponytails can be. Just get every out-of-place hair and tie it up to get your cool, casual, and alluring look.

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  • Long Loose Waves
A smiling girl in white top showing her Long loose waves hairstyle - Oblong face shape

We all want a little variety in life, and the same goes for hairstyles as well. Therefore, we want to experiment with different hairstyles, which can only be done when you have long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for all women out there who love long hair as it gives you the chance to try out different styles as well as looks great when left loose, especially on an oblong face shape.

  • Blunt Bangs with Straight Hair
A girl in black deep neck top showing her Blunt bangs with straight hair - face shape

Blunt bangs are here to stay, and if you are someone who wants to hide their forehead or want to highlight their jawline and cheekbones, then this is the hairstyle for you. All you have to do is follow a hair care routine and maintain the bangs to keep them shaped at all times.

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  • Chin Length Layered Bob
A smiling girl in blonde hair showing her Chin length layered Bob hairstyle - hair care routine

Getting short hair needs a proper commitment which sometimes we are too scared to make even though we want short hair. If you are caught in between, this is the perfect hairstyle. It is neither too long nor too short. And to make it an edgier look, you can always add fun hair color.

  • Textured Blunt
A smiling girl in black top posing for camera and showing her Textured blunt hairstyle - hair color

This hairstyle has been in trend for a long time, but especially this year, it looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated. It is perfect for women who have thick hair. If you want to get one of those , this can be the one to try out.

  • Layered Hair
A girl in black and white floral dress showing her Layered hair - long hair hairstyles

It looks good on hair with volume and can even add more volume to it. However, it can make thin hair feel and look even thinner.

  • Wispy Blond Hairstyles
A girl in off white tank top showing her wispy blonde hairstyle - professional women hairstyles

If you have blonde hair and want a more feminine look, you can very well opt for this hairstyle. Add a little bounce and more fun to your look with this hairstyle.

  • Thick Side-Swept Bangs
A girl in green and black dress smiling and posing for camera - short hair

This hairstyle looks best when teamed up with long hair hairstyles and works even better on thick hair. It is a great choice for women in their 40s or 50s as it can make them look young by hiding lines and wrinkles.

  • Classic Side Sweep
A girl in dark green deep neck top showing her Classic side sweep hairstyle - ponytail hairstyles

This is one of the professional women’s hairstyles that can be seen on various celebrities on the red carpet. It certainly adds a lot of sophistication, grace, and elegance to a look and makes you look red-carpet-worthy.

  • Long Wavy Center-Parted Hairstyle
A girl in sky blue denim jacket showing her Long wavy center-parted hairstyle - braided hairstyles

Needless to say, a middle or center part makes a face look more balanced and helps you achieve symmetry that cannot be achieved through any other style. In addition, the wave makes it look like an easy-breezy casual look for every age.

  • Full Tousled Layers
A girl in pink top showing her Full tousled layers hairstyle - Haircut for Oblong face

Has it ever happened that you looked at your favorite celebrity with messy hair and wondered if they just got out of bed? If so, let us tell you that getting that look is not a cakewalk. It takes expertise and long hours to make a perfectly messed up hairstyle.

  • Retro Curls
A girl in off shoulder dress with pink lipstick showing her retro curls hairstyle - hairstyles for Oblong face 2022

We know we do not have a time machine, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the things of the past. This hairstyle has been in trend for a long time and has been the ideal choice for all special events, especially for brides for their special day.

  • Half up Shaggy Curls
A girl in black net top showing her Half up shaggy curls - Oblong face shape

It is tough and takes a lot of time to get just that perfectly imperfect and tidily untidy hair. However, it is also great for short-height girls as it can add a few extra centimeters and make them look taller.

  • Side Ponytail
A girl in black floral dress with glittery lipstick showing her Side Ponytail - face shape

Out of all the ponytail hairstyles, this one can help you overshadow the bad side of your face if you have one. Added with any braided hairstyle, it can be a great look for special events and occasions.

This is a guide for all you women with oblong faces to help you find your perfect choice for every occasion.

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