Top Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape Women

Top Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape Women

Carrying yourself with grace and elegance does not mean wearing the perfect outfit or wearing the right makeup but also understanding what suits you and your features. You feel confident only when you know that your style perfectly suits your personality and brings out your favorite features.

We have noted down a few Haircut for Heart Face shapes that can be your everyday styling guide.

  • Side Swept Long Pixie
A pretty girl in red lipstick and long earrings posing for camera and showing her Side swept long pixie hairstyle - braided hairstyles

The pixie cut has been a part of the stylish hairstyles for Heart Face 2022 and is here to stay for a long time. So be edgy and bold with this hairstyle.

  • Long Pieces Bangs
A girl in ash blonde hair showing her Long pieces bangs hairstyle - ponytail hairstyles

It is the kind of hairstyle that almost every woman desires, for it is the perfect combination of sensuousness and cuteness. Just be sure to end the cut just above your eyelids, and it can work great for heart face shape.

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  • Deep Side Part
A smiling girl posing for camera and showing her Deep side part hairstyle - short hair

Just the right hairstyle for all face shape to extra draw attention to your face. It highlights your facial features.

  • A Long Choppy Bob
A girl in off shoulder dress smiling and showing her long choppy Bob hairstyle - professional women hairstyles

This hairstyle can give quite a fuller look, make the jawline even more prominent, and make the face look even more elongated. It is one of the most opted for long hair hairstyles.

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  • A Simple Blowout
A girl in white off shoulder top posing for camera and showing her simple blowout hairstyle - long hair hairstyles

You can get this hairstyle at home with just a blow dryer. Make your hair bouncy and add volume within seconds with just a few minutes of hot air. If you wish to keep it simple yet stylish, add a little hair color to it.

  • The Steps Cut
A girl in grey deep neck top posing for camera and showing her steps cut - hair color

With hair at different lengths, this hairstyle can truly draw focus away from the forehead to the best feature of a heart-shaped face, which is the jawline. It looks good on long hair as well as short hair.

  • Curtain Bangs
A girl in sky blue top posing for a selfie and showing her curtain bangs - hair care routine

The purpose of curtain bangs is to make the features of a heart-shaped face look more balanced, and a middle part can help flaunt the hairstyle with elegance. It can even give off a professional women hairstyles look.

  • Shoulder-Length Layers
A girl in black top showing her Shoulder-length layers hairstyle - Haircut for Heart Face

This hairstyle directly draws focus to the facial area and is a great hairstyle to help you flaunt your makeup as well. So let’s not let all your effort on makeup go to waste!

  • Bangs and Long Hair
A girl with blonde highlights posing for camera and showing the side view of her Bangs and long hair hairstyle - face shape

It would be a crime to say that bangs and long hair do not go along well. The bangs also work as a shroud to help you cover up any scars or lines, and the hair adds all the class and grace you need.

  • Long Layered Bob
A girl in grey and white top showing her Long layered bob - Heart Face shape

If you wish to have more movement and volume added with the comfort of short hair, then this is the most stylish that you can go for. This can be the hairstyle that makes you the popular girl on the block.

  • Blunt, Wispy Bangs
A girl in blonde hair posing for camera and showing her Blunt, wispy bangs hairstyle - hairstyles for Heart Face 2022

Out of the faces shapes, heart-shaped faces can pull off bangs like no other can. With so many variations of bangs out there, you can get a little lost. However, you can never go wrong with the blunt wispy bangs, as they make a wide forehead look a little narrow. Teamed up with any kind of braided hairstyles, it can look extraordinarily beautiful.

  • High Ponytail
A girl in black and pink top with pink earing posing for camera in high ponytail - Haircut for Heart Face

Out of all the ponytail hairstyles, this one is the most common because it perfectly mixes style, comfort, and class. Don’t hide your face with strands or bangs anymore, and let your face out in the open with a neat ponytail.

No matter which model or actress inspired you or who you love, when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, it should only be about your face shape and the features you want to flaunt. And no matter what hairstyle you choose, keep a proper hair care routine to maintain your hair and style.

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