Homemade Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth

Homemade Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth

Hair growth is a priority and a primary concern for everyone around and when the hair chooses to fall apart form its long beloved friend i.e. the scalp then that becomes the case of terror and a nightmare. Hair fall can occur from n number of reasons and the foremost reason is due to sever and consistently changing environmental conditions. Due to excess pollution and rapid climate changes hair growth is hindered further causing them to befriend the combs and the floor.

Well with a problem comes always a solution, there are number of ways by which you can protect your precious hair and that to with simple herbal treatments. Below listed are the number of ways by which you can treat your hair naturally and strengthen as well as enhance your hair growth.

Hibiscus Hair Oil

Hibiscus leaf is one natural ingredient that is beneficial for not only hair but also for the body. For natural hair conditioning, you can use hibiscus leaves as a substitute. Preparation of hibiscus oil is easy. You can take the well grown hibiscus flowers and leaves and grind it well. Mix the mixture with your favorite hair oil and heat it. To the latter prepared oil, add tulsi leaves and grains of corn to it. After cooling off the formulated mixture, store it in a bottle and apply it as per your requirement. The hibiscus hair oil can be applied once or twice a week depending upon the strength of the hair.

Amla Hair Oil

Amla is a very famous and a renowned fruit which is highly beneficial for the hair. Although, Amla hair oil is easily available in the market but a homemade amla hair oil can do wonders. You can prepare it according to your convenience.

Preparation of Amla Oil

  • Dry few amla and mix it with fenugreek powder.
  • Use coconut oil according to the mixture as a base and mix it till it makes a paste.
  • Heat the paste in low flames.
  • Cool off the mixture and store it in a bottle and use it more than twice a week.

Refrigeration isn’t recommended for the prepared oil.

Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves

Coconut oil by default is used is a miracle oil to instigate hair growth. Coconut oil is a true nature’s wonder and you can use this wonder optimally.

Preparation of Coconut Oil

  • Take 4 bunches of curry leaves and after washing them, grind it to form a paste.
  • Mix the paste with the coconut oil.
  • Heat the mixture and let it cool.
  • Pour the mixture in a jar and use it as per your requirement.

This homemade oil is termed as a miracle oil and works like a charm.

Brahmi Hair Oil

Brahmi is well known for its hair growth enhancing properties and other related benefits. Brahmi oil can be bought from the market and also prepared at home using few simple steps:

Preparation of Brahmi Oil:

  • Use Brahmi powder of quantity close to 10 tsp. and mix it with your preferred oil.
  • Heat the mixture in low flames.
  • Add fenugreek to the prepared mixture and wait till the fenugreek pops out.
  • Cool the conceded mixture and pour it in the ceramic bottle.

It is not preferable to refrigerate the mixture. Use the oil more than two times a day and you would feel the difference in shortest time possible.

The above mentioned homemade oils bring results in the shortest time possible. The components are easy to find and bring long term benefits. Prepare the above mentioned oils and you would feel all these years you were wasting your money on expensive products.

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