How to Start a Morning Yoga Practice at Home

How to Start a Morning Yoga Practice at Home

In today’s time our lives have become so hectic that our health stands last in the list of our priorities. We cannot manage to go out even for a morning walk because either we cannot get up early or we have to rush to our respective work places. Our New Year resolution of joining a gym or a yoga class is still pending and is lost somewhere in our busy schedule. So, the question is how do we take care of our health in this furious routine of ours. Well, you would be surprise to know that all we need is 30 minutes to keep both our mind and body fit and healthy.

Yoga is one of those ways which is less time consuming and has several health benefits. But how do you go about starting a yoga practice at home. Below are the ways to get you started with your yoga practice at home:

Select a fix time slot:

To keep your energy levels elevated throughout the day, experts advise to practice yoga in the morning. Yoga not only brings flexibility in your body but it also increases stamina and relaxes your mind so that you can work effectively during the day. But, if there is no way you can do it in the morning do not give up on it completely, select a time slot which is convenient to you the most and you should be able to carry on with it on regular basis.

Try to exercise empty stomach:

While practicing yoga postures you need to bend or twist your body in several directions, therefore try not to have anything before practicing yoga or else you may not like the unpleasant feeling thereafter. Try to have a gap of at least 5 hours between your last meal and your yoga session. Though, you can have something which is easier to digest, like a glass of juice to hold your hunger until you complete the session.

Wear simple and comfortable clothes:

To make your home session effective, it is necessary that you should practice yoga postures the way they are supposed to be performed. For that what is essential is you should wear comfortable clothes, so that you can stretch your body widely as well as comfortably. Also avoid wearing accessories such as belts, or heavy jewelries to avoid any kind of hindrance or distraction.

Do not skip warm up:

Before starting with the intense yoga postures you should spend at least 7-10 minutes to warm up your body. Warm up helps you gain stamina and also reduce the risk of an injury or a muscle pain. Warm up increases the blood circulation as a result of which muscles get prepared for faster movements, and you perform efficiently. As a part of your warm up exercise you can jog or march on the spot for about 2-3 minutes also pump your hands and shoulder along. Sit up and down on the spot. Try to stretch your body upwards or rotate your hands and pump your legs.

Be gentle to your body:

Yoga is an art that is to be practiced with politeness, so do not force your body to go beyond its limits. Yoga undoubtedly makes your body flexible and also relaxes your mind. But perfection cannot be achieved in a single day, but it takes dedication and regular practice. So, proceed step by step and gradually try to improve your performance.

Take reference from DVDs, books or internet:

Multiple DVDs, books as well as videos on internet are there to make you more and more aware about different aspects of yoga and its benefits. You will easily find video tutorials on internet to take you through step by step methods of starting yoga practice at home as well as things to take care while doing yoga at home. These videos can also help you in learning various postures and the right ways to perform them.

Well, the points mentioned above are basically the essential ones that you should take care of while practicing yoga at home. It is advised to at least start it under the guidance of someone who has been doing it for some time or is aware of the right ways of practicing yoga, and in a few days you will learn to do it on your own. Though, yoga is one such art which has several benefits and is least likely to cause you any harm. The best part is that anyone can do it without age being a barrier and it is so defined and simplified that you will pick up the art quickly. So, good luck with you practice and let’s hope that your New Year resolution will now soon be resolved.

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