Honeymoon Ideas -10 Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do

Honeymoon Ideas -10 Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do

Here, I am going to discuss my honeymoon ideas and fantasies with you to help you guys out in making your honeymoon a special memory. I am not ashamed to share my fantasies and suggestions with you as I just want to help the couples.

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Have a look on 10 Honeymoon ideas to make it memorable:

  1. Watch sunrise together

One of the most romantic thing you can do on your honeymoon is to watch the sunrise or sunset together. You might be done it before as well as a couple, but now you can create it lovely to make the sweetest memories of your life. Try to get the very first glimpse of the sunrise together feeling just like a new beginning. Seeing the sunrise together is a beautiful activity to be done on your honeymoon to bring out a new hope, new dreams. You can try this activity be holding your hands too. You can try to stand at the door by holding your partner’s hands, kisses him/her on the forehead and promise him/her to spend your whole life with love and care.

  1. Take a naked bath together

After sunrise, you try a naked bath together to make your honeymoon more special and romantic. Wear off each other’s clothes and offer a romantic bath under the shower. Here, you can romance while taking your bath by lifting your partner, holding each other’s hands, kissing each other, making some small actions which create the sensations. With a little closeness and touching, your time in shower becomes more special. You can also try to slow down to soaping up, engaging in the activities of intimacy. This is the activity which will finish your shyness or hesitation. A little shyness while bathing together can also add some flavor.

  1. Have a Romantic Meal together

As always, you plan a romantic picnic, plan a romantic meal together on your honeymoon to know about your likes and dislikes about food. Order the food of your partner’s choice and feed each other with a lot of romantic talks. This is such a great thing for the partners who have an arrange marriage. Feeding each other always increases your love & understanding. Try to order the delicious food to make your partner happy. You can also annoy your partner a little while having a meal, this will make a sweet relationship among you.

  1. Do some silly things

You need not to be so serious as you are on your honeymoon with your partner, you must be real, funny, some silly types. You can try some interesting bedroom game or have a pillow fight with your partner, chasing each other while fighting in the room, etc., to come close with each other, it will also make you more comfortable with each other. Try to open you with your partner, let him/her know about the real you.

  1. Try to do the lovely actions/activities you can’t do at your home

You can try a number of different and crazy things you might not do at your home. Try some activities like cooking any new dish together, cycling together, and plan something exciting or adventurous. You can also try to go to some of the adventurous places. Try to indulge in some activities that generate a great or adrenaline rush within you. Try biking, river rafting, trekking which helps you to depict how caring your partner is.

  1. Capturing your Moments

You must try to capture all your moments to make sweet memories of your honeymoon by taking a lot of photos. You are spending the time with your partner which you must remember. Take some candid shots as well. Try to click your partner’s photograph when they are doing some silly things or laughing at your jokes. These moments will cherish forever.

  1. Relaxing together by having Couple’s Spa

You must try to relax with each other on your honeymoon, it is also a great activity which brings you close. For the same, you can try to have a couple’s spa at a good place, enjoy your spa session, indulge in relaxing your mind and body.

  1. Forbidden love

You are a far away from your home, with your partner, in his arms with whom you are in love, so try to make these moments so special and memorable. Try to talk about each other’s fantasies by standing together at your door and try those fantasies too.

  1. Arrange a romantic dinner

You can plan a romantic dinner by decorating your room according to your partner’s choice. Bring some flowers. Try to play out some beautiful tracks to make your evening so special, have romantic talks with each other, you can also try dancing before starting the dinner.

  1. Enjoy loads of intimacy

Make your honeymoon to be a solution to break all the barriers in your relationship. Try to understand each other’s comfort level. After indulging a “me” time you can try for some actions in the bed. Try to enjoy the loads of intimacy by starting with the frequent actions, by kissing. Have some excitement in your mind, try to give a surprise gift to your partner. You can start slowly by kissing your partner. Try to share a bit of chocolate. Now, you can start making love with each other by handling some awkward moments as well. Try to get cuddle with your partner before going to sleep after the act.