HCG – Its Role and Function in Reducing Weight

HCG – Its Role and Function in Reducing Weight

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a name that has taken the world of weight loss enthusiasts by storm. Wondering what it exactly is? This is a special hormone that is mostly found in the body of pregnant women. To be precise, it is generated from the placenta after implantation. Apart from pregnant women, this hormone is also found in the body of all males and females and is known as a luteinizing hormone which is produced in the pituitary glands. One of the reasons why this hormone is so much in the news is because it is extremely helpful for fast weight loss. Want to know how?

Let’s take a look at the role and functions of the HCG hormone in reducing body weight:

Role of HCG in the elimination of fat cells

One of the major functions of the HCG hormone is to eliminate the fat cells present in your body. HCG hormones have the ability to absorb the effects of fat cells of your body and keep your muscles intact. These hormones not only make your body lean, but you lose all the extra fat in quick time. In addition to the HCG hormones that your body produces naturally, you can also go for an HCG hormone therapy where these hormones will be injected in your body in greater amount in order to accelerate the process of weight loss in a shorter time period.

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How much weight loss possible with HCG hormones?

Presence of HCG hormones in your body can lead to an amazing amount of weight loss and when you have a greater amount of these hormones to your rescue, you can rest assured that you will lose weight in quick time. With HCG hormones, your daily calorie intake should go down to as little as 500-800 calories per day depending on the quantity of food you eat daily. This can lead to losing as much as 2 pounds of fat on a regular basis and this is something that you would definitely want if you are overweight.

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HCG hormone therapy for increased weight loss

Believe it or not, but HCG hormones are the latest flick for people who want to lose weight. This hormone works best when it combines with Vitamin B12. Both of them work together to restrict diet which in turn results in fantastic weight loss. If you want quicker results, then opt for the highly effective HCG hormone therapy. In this therapy HCG injections and HCG, powders need to be mixed with a separate liquid and then use in the form of injections to supply a greater amount of HCG hormones in your body for faster weight loss. The HCG hormones naturally produced in your body along with those taken in the form of injections through this therapy can make you slim and lean within a quick of the period of time. All you need to do is be patient and keep a check on the diet.

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If you want to lose weight within a short time period, then consider the option of HCG hormone therapy which is known to be an extremely effective and safe way to reduce the accumulated body weight. You can get detailed information about this therapy right

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