How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

What is the bad part about going a beauty salon? It is money running out of pocket. If you wish to add volume to your limp hair or styling your tresses then heat styling is the perfect solution. If you want to blow dry your hair like a pro then read this to know the proper way to blow dry fine, curly, long, medium or short hair.

Long hair

Blow Dry
Blow Dry
  • Rub a few drops of smoothing serum on your palm and apply it on your wet hair

  • Use a comb to distribute the serum evenly on hair strands

  • Predry your hair on medium heat and high speed setting

  • Massage your hair at the roots to add bounce to it

  • Make a partition and fix the top layers with salon clips

  • Attach nozzle to the dryer and increase the heat setting and reduce the speed of air

  • Take a large round brush and start with the back section.

  • Create a smooth and full appearance while drying the manageable sections of hair in front

  • The direction of brush and dryer should be from roots towards ends and the airflow should be angled down towards the hair tips.

  • In this way, your cuticle will lie flat which make your hair look smooth and shiny

  • Unclip the top layers and dry them following the above direction (from root to tip)

  • Roll the hair around your face on the brush as you blow dry.

  • When your hair is completely dry then give it a blast of cool air to fix your hair style in place

  • Massage a small amount of serum on the ends to flat the flyways and some on top of head to flatten the short hair which stand up on the crown

Medium hair

Medium Hair
Medium Hair
  • Spray a volume enhancer or volumizer in the roots to add volume to your wet hair and apply smoothing serum on the hair ends

  • Attach the nozzle to your dryer for directional heat

  • Blow dry your bangs (if you have any) with large round brush

  • Pull them out from your forehead while drying them from root to tips. Your comb should follow the same direction as blow dryer.

  • Clip the top section, dry the sides and ends until they are almost done

  • Unclip the top section and dry the section by blowing the air and brushing hair simultaneously from roots to ends.

  • Apply some serum on ends and on the crown

Short hair

Short hair
Short hair
  • Take pea size amount of smoothing cream and dime size amount of extra hold gel

  • Apply this mixture on your hair with fingertips from roots to hair ends

  • Set the dryer to medium heat and speed setting

  • Focus the warm air on roots as drying them first makes your hair bouncy

  • Take a small and round brush to style your hair

  • Take a dime size amount of pomade and rub it between your palm

  • Apply it on your hair sections with fingertips to define layers, create a sleek look and hold your style

Fine hair

  • Take volumizing mousse between your hands and the amount should be of golf ball size

  • Rub it between your palms and apply it on your towel dried hair with fingertips from hair roots to ends

  • Predry your hair on medium heat and high speed setting until it remains slightly damp

  • Spray the roots with a root lifting spray and roll the top layers back onto three Velcro rollers

  • Attach the nozzle to the dryer to direct the airflow

  • Increase the heat setting and reduce the speed for lower layers

  • Take a round ceramic brush and give blast of heat to a section of root then roll the brush to the tips. The dryer and brush should be in sync with each other

  • Blow dry the lower layer until it is completely dry

  • Work on the top layers and focus the hot air on Velcro rollers for several seconds at a time.

  • When you feel that hair on rollers is dry then unroll them and dry the ends on a low speed setting

  • Use your fingers rather than round brush to lift and style the hair into place

  • Tousle your hair with fingers instead of using brush

  • Give a blast of cool air to your hair to set the shape

  • Spray your hair with light hair spray if hair is sticking out

Curly hair

  • Apply a curl enhancing product on your hair and use a wide toothed comb to distribute the product evenly on entire hair length.

  • Twist small sections of hair from roots towards the end to create smooth and uniform curls

  • Attach a diffuser to the dryer

  • Cup and lift the sections at the ends while drying

  • Don’t scrunch or squeeze as it can break up the curls and gives you a frizzy appearance

  • Use a medium to high heat setting and low speed setting

  • Attach a diffuser to the dryer, and dry hair by cupping an

  • Low speed will dry the hair and give you most natural, frizz free curl and wave appearance

  • When your hair is almost dry then flip the hair upside sown

  • Massage the roots in a circular motion to dry it

  • This method will create lift at the crown and loosen up the twisted curls

  • Once your hair is completely dry then give a blast of cool hair to set the shape and then tousle it back

  • Take dab of pomade between your palms and apply through the hair from roots to tips

  • This will smoothen the flyways and give your curls or waves a soft appearance

Using a right brush during blow drying is very important because your hair style totally depends on it. For example, to add volume to your long hair, a large round brush is required. Try to use a wooden brush because wood is insulator of heat and thus your brush will not heat up on high heat settings.

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