How to Comb Hair Men

How to Comb Hair Men

You must be thinking that this is a weird question because when it comes to hairstyles of men, it is considered very simple. It is a common perception that man’s hair doesn’t need much maintenance or styling unlike the fairer sex. But, the Metrosexual male who is conscious about his looks and overall persona consider his hair as topmost priority because it is the main feature of his personality. Here we will discuss some major mistakes you do with your hair and how to rectify them.

Why do you need combing?

Comb Hair
Comb Hair

Combing is a method to give direction to the hair and style it. Commonly, conventional, pocket or wide toothed comb is used for combing hair. This is the first step of styling hair and it requires drying of hair and application of correct hair product.

How to comb and style hair?

  • Towel dry or blow dry your hair until it is slightly damp

  • Decide what kind of hairstyle you want to wear

  • Take a small amount of your styling product on your palm and rub it. Apply the hair styling product on your hair with your fingers and coat the ¾ of hair length with it properly. Don’t apply it on your scalp as it may cause irritation or allergy.

  • When you are finished coating your hair, take a comb (of your choice) and work on your locks to give them the desired style

  • When you are done with combing, give the final touch with your fingers

Comb Hair
Comb Hair

How to decide for hair style and correct styling product?

There are different kinds and texture of hair and it is very necessary to know about your hair type before opting for a hair style or styling product. Let’s see the right way of styling hair depending on its texture!!!

If you have normal thick hair

Most American guys have this hair texture which is suitable for different hairstyle provided you are interested in putting some effort into it.

Common mistakes with this hair type

  • Men of this hair texture keep it too short on sides and too long on top. This is good for conservative guys with straight hair but wavy hair of this texture and with the mentioned hair style can make your crown heavy and hair on sides will grow giving you an unkempt appearance.

  • If you don’t use hair product on this texture then your hair will become frizzy and breaks into cowlicks. You can use a mousse with a medium to strong hold.

  • Another major mistake with this hair type is use of clipper or electric razor on sides and back because the short hair will not help in greater blending or styling.

Comb hair
Comb hair

Recommended hair style

  • You should go for a college cut with slightly longer and layered hair on top and front while slightly short hair on back and sides.

  • You can also try the bed head look by keeping your hair short and layered all around. Use pomade to spike it up and style with your fingers

  • Another option is straight hair look which can be achieved by cutting your hair to medium length and keeps it slightly shorter in back of the head and around the ears. Comb it back after applying some mousse and let it dry. Fluff out your hair once it is dried and then it will come straight to the sides.

If you have thin fine or straight hair

This is the most desirable hair type and commonly found on East Asian, Hispanic and blond Caucasian men. This type is perfect for styling but some common mistakes can totally screw it up.

Common mistakes with this hair type

  • Many guys buzz off the floppy look of this hair type but this is an ideal hair type which should not be wasted. If you have it which provide good coverage then you should grow it little more and try different hair style. You can use conditioner and mousse to add some bounce to it.

  • Many guys go for bowl cut look by cutting their hair to medium length and parting it in the middle. Grow up man; this is a little boy’s look!!!

  • Some guys grow their hair to shoulder length to get the styling benefits of this hair type but this look requires more maintenance and upkeep. If you can’t pull it off well like rock stars and medieval kings then avoid this look.

Recommended hair style

  • You can go for the classic college cut (mentioned above) because it also works well for straight hair

  • You can try the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible (2000) look by keeping your hair long about 3.5” to 5” and layered on top, back and sides while keeping your bangs short.

  • You can modify the above mentioned bed head look by cutting your hair to short or medium length with uneven layers. Get the tousled look by combing forward on top and down on the sides.

If you have kinky or curly hair

Curly hair is full of bounce and has thick coverage. This hair type can be commonly found on Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Jewish men.

Common mistakes with this hair type

  • Many guys overuse the styling product to relax their curls which not just damage their locks but also give an unnatural shell like appearance.

  • Other guys do the exact opposite means they simply don’t use any hair styling product and let their curls loose. That looks good in college but it is a total No – No for job interviews or date like occasion

Recommended hair style

  • Try a haircut with short length all around and leave it unlayered except in around the ear region. Take small amount of mousse and apply it on your curls. Comb it back and leave it for air dry. You can also try a slight side partition instead of combing back.

  • You can also buzz it off or clip it to get very short hair and spike it up

If you are balding

Balding is very common among middle age men and they try to cover their bald spots with rest of their hair.

Common mistakes with this condition

  • Many men comb the hair straight back to cover the bald spots but it makes your front more vulnerable to damage, exposes your forehead and emphasizes your damaged hairline.

  • Some men grow long hair to compensate the hair in balding region but this practice draws more attention to your scalp and baldness

  • Guys with thin hair use gel which can clump your hair together and thus reveals your scalp.

Recommended hair style

  • Provide fluff to your hair by using mousse and conditioner and it will make your hair appear more natural. You can break up the receding airline by growing your remaining hair to few inches, layer it and then brush it forward.

  • You can cover the bald spot by keeping the front long and combing your hair straight back if your hairline is stable but there is thinning on top.

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