Use of Conditioner as Gel after Drying

Use of Conditioner as Gel after Drying

Using a conditioner after washing your hair is an important practice as it moisturizes your hair and makes it smooth and shiny. But do you think that conditioner can be used as gel to set your hairstyle.

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Conditioner Use as Gel for your Hair

Unfortunately, it is not possible because the formulation of hair conditioner is very different from styling gel. Conditioner use is designed to work as “rinse through” or “leave in” which makes your hair glossy and smooth. If you left the conditioner on your hair then it will give you a greasy appearance as it has a heavy consistency.

Some leave in conditioner use can give you a very light hold of your desired look but as your hair dries it will take its original shape. On the other hand, styling gels contain components which coat the hair and give volume to it. Many of them also contain adhesive which keeps the hair strands together for long time and thus give you a desired look. They can enhance the drying of hair so you can style them easily but they don’t lose the wet look in the drying process.

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Hair gel is designed to add stiffness and volume to dry hair along with the faster drying feature while if the hair conditioner use to your dry hair then you will only wet it because conditioner has high moisture content and when it dries then it gives a greasy look.

From the above discussion, you should understand that you cannot expect the similar result of hair styling with a conditioner use as you get from gel. Both hair products are different in composition and functionality therefore use them for only for those purpose for which they are made. Don’t mix them up!!!!!

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