How to Dye Hair at Home?

How to Dye Hair at Home?

Want a new hair color but don’t want to spend big bucks in saloon. Then here is the perfect solution to dye hair at home. Follow the easy guidelines given below to get a ravishing hair color at the comfort of your home.

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Pick a color

When you are deciding for a color then stick to the golden rule of coloring i.e. always opt for a color which is two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural color. This will help you getting a suitable hair color and avoid any unwanted outcome. You can also go for semi permanent hair color if you are not sure about what your final look will be.

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Take a strand test

This is necessary because you can see how your chosen color looks against your skin and to determine how much time it will take to bind to your hair.

How to do strand test

  • Dye a half inch wide section of hair about a quarter inch above your ear so you can see the color effect against your skin.
  • Wipe the color off with a wet cloth after half of the recommended processing time such as if it is instructed to keep the color for 30 minutes then you can remove it after 15 minutes.
  • Check the color against a white towel in natural light after drying it to see the real shade and how much it complements to your skin complexion.
  • If you find it to be matching to your expectation then apply the color on rest of hair.

Wash and Condition your dye hair

If your hair is extremely dry then you can start conditioning it one week before coloring but if you have normal hair then you can condition it one day before coloring. This will help in fresh production of sebum (natural hair oil) which will help in effective binding of color to the dye hair.

Arrange coloring tools

You should arrange every tool and accessories before coloring of hair so that you need not to run for every missing thing and drip the color everywhere you go. Here are the tools and accessories you will require at the time of coloring:

Health Risks of Hair Coloring

• Paint brush –

get a brush that is one and a half to two inches wide for better access to hair. It is easier to use than a bottle.

• Bowl –

you will need this to mix the dye and swirl the brush.

• Clip –

you will need large salon clip or alligator clips to hold the sections of your dye hair while you work on a particular section.

• Rattail comb –

you can divide your hair in even sections with its narrow pointed handle and use the comb to distribute the dye evenly on hair.

• Dark towels –

you will need one big towel to cover your shoulders and other medium sized towel to wipe any dripping.

• Shower cap or plastic cover –

it is required to cover your hair after the application of dye.

• Alcohol based toner –

you will need it to remove stains from your skin, floor or from any other article.

• Stop watch –

It will help you to keep a tab on the time after you apply the color so that you don’t end up with a different color.

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Apply hair color

  • When you are fully ready to apply color on your hair then cover your shoulders with the towel.
  • Remove any tangles in the hair by using a wide toothed comb because if there is any tangle then coloring can form more tangles.
  • Separate your hair in four major sections and hold them with salon clips.
  • Apply a thin coat of Vaseline or any other moisturizing cream along your hairline, on ears and back of neck to protect the skin from staining.
  • Apply color on the hairline and then you can apply the color in front sections if you are going for darker shade but if you are lightening up then you can start with the back sections.
  • Wear a shower cap or any plastic cover when you are done with coloring. Heat can facilitate the binding of pigment to the hair.
  • Leave it for the time as indicated on the color instruction list and not a single minute beyond that.
  • Rinse with water until the water becomes clear. Wash and condition your hair with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner.

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Remember that color treated hair needs more care than normal hair therefore you should deep condition it once a week to keep it healthy and shiny. Protect your hair from sunlight and use leave in conditioner while stepping outside. These simple tips can help you to flaunt a gorgeous looking hair.

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