How to Kiss Your Boyfriend [With Pictures]

How to Kiss Your Boyfriend [With Pictures]

Being intimate with that special man in your life is always great to do, but you have to know what you can do to make your boyfriend really fall in love. Part of this entails knowing what you can do to kiss him right.

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kiss your boyfriend tips

Whether you want to kiss your boyfriend for the first time when you are 16 or you are a little older and want to kiss him right on the lips, you have to use a few points for getting the most out of your kiss.

kiss your boyfriend tip find some private place

Wait for a Private Moment

Do not try to kiss your boyfriend for the first time in too public of a spot. You should instead wait until you can get into some intimate spot that might be a little more romantic. This should help you and him feel relaxed. You should read some really interesting tips to spice up your bedroom life.

kiss your boyfriend - take care of your lips

Take Care of Your Lips

The first point to use is to watch for how well you are taking care of your lips. Use lip balm and drink water regularly so your lips can stay hydrated. This should make it easier for you to kiss your boyfriend and turn him on, what with him not feeling anything overly rough.

kiss your boyfriend - offer a good compliment

Offer a Good Compliment

It is very easy for get your boyfriend to hug you and eventually kiss you if you can compliment him first. Say something nice about his appearance or something he might have done recently. Let him know that you care and that you really appreciate him. This should make it easier for you to really make him love and appreciate you.

kiss your boyfriend - look into his eyes first

Look Into His Eyes First

Before you can kiss your boyfriend, you have to look into his eyes. See that he is returning that look. This means he is absolutely ready to kiss you. This does not have to be even or parallel to your eyes, but it should be handled well enough regardless.

The eye contact does not have to go on for far too long. You should still look at how well your eyes link up and that you are not looking off with an empty appearance. Show that you really do want to kiss him by having a gentle look.

kiss your boyfriend - hold him right

Hold Him Right

Keep a good grip on your boyfriend when you are kissing him. You should hold your boyfriend while kissing by simply putting your arms around the back of his neck. This shows that you are ready to be intimate and direct with him.

You can use just one arm around his neck when kissing him. Just make sure when you pull him towards you that you are not being aggressive or rough towards him. You have to show a sense of control and comfort when you are ready to give him a nice hug.

kiss your boyfriend tip - keep it soft

Keep It Soft

As you kiss your boyfriend for the first time on the lips, you have to avoid being too rough or forceful in the process. Keep your lips loose without being overly tight. When you do get in direct contact with him, you need to keep the lock soft and comfortable. This keeps you from being too hard on him while getting a great kiss going.

kiss-your-boyfriend- do kiss on his neck

What About the Neck?

You can always kiss your boyfriend’s neck if you prefer. But when you do this, you should be gentle as the skin around the neck is a little more sensitive to touch. Kissing the neck should entail brushing your lips along the neck slowly and gently. This shows that you are ready to be intimate with him and that you want to show him your love.

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How Long Should the Kiss Be?

No matter where the kiss goes, you should avoid being too rough. You should only kiss your boyfriend at school or some other place for just a few seconds at a time. Do not keep the kiss going for far too long or else everyone might become uncomfortable. Sticking with three to five seconds at the most is enough as it creates a nice and gentle bond without going on for far too long.

Now you know how to properly kiss your boyfriend step by step. Use these points to show him that you love him and that you really want to be around him. He will appreciate how cautious you are around him when you kiss him right.