Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Hair Health And Stay Away From Lice

Head lice are extremely regular among kids. You can have lice and not you may not even notice them. Lice eggs (nits) are hard to detect and may not cause tingling at first. It is not generally plausible to keep these vermin away forever.

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Lice are a spiteful incursion that sustains off human blood to survive and quite often want to attack youngsters. This invasion, for the most part, lives in overpopulated conditions with poor clean practices and can hop starting with one individual then onto the next through direct contact. In any case, everybody is in danger of having lice enter their home. They can pick anybody to make a decent territory.

Lice are not a major risk to the general population they influence yet they are exceptionally disgusting and can cause inconvenience, similar to outrageous irritation on the head, aggravation and even bacterial diseases. Luckily, there is a lot of solutions and methods to battle lice and keep your hair healthy. These top 5 ways will help you to improve your hair health and stay away from lice.

1. Effective Home Remedies

Some assured home remedies are very effective and important for hair health. They can also be used to combat lice and keep them away. Some of the best home remedies for lice are mentioned below.

Mayonnaise and Vinegar

They are two partners for disposing of lice and nits. This treatment is genuinely unique because it will also help give your hair sparkle and hydration.

Eucalyptus Infusion

Eucalyptus possess an aroma which can be extremely annoying to lice and it will have an intense reaction when it comes in contact with them.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This modest item has numerous health and beauty benefits. Applying apple cider vinegar to your hair will get rid of lice essentially. It’s best to utilize a lice brush or thin tooth comb to encourage the removal of those bugs and . ACV is also excellent for dandruff and oily scalp.

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2. Guard Your Head

Lice slither onto the body. They can’t fly or bounce. They regularly spread with direct contact. That implies you normally should be near somebody with lice to get it. Maintain a strategic distance from hair to hair contact or avoid using a comb/brush off any such individual who might have lice in their hair.

3. Sharing is not always nice

A cap on the store rack may look enticing and make for an extraordinary selfie, however, reconsider before you put it on. You can get lice on the off chance that you share caps, combs, hoodies, brushes, towels, pillows etc. with somebody who has lice. Such “shared contact” is random however can happen. Lice are capable of living for about 1 day or 2 in the wake of tumbling off the body.

4. Clean Up

Keep a lice flare-up by hurling your attire, cap, coat, scarf, gloves, and some other things into the washer. Utilize boiling water (54.5°C or higher), and afterward dry on high warmth. Soak your brushes in the clothes washer as well. Can’t wash a thing? Put it in a plastic sack and place in the cooler for three weeks. The point is to keep everything clean! Cleaning up things that get in touch with your hair is also important because they keep the scalp clean. Using dirty things can make your hair and scalp dirty causing irritation, lice, infections, sebum and much more.

5. Essential Oils Treatment

Many essential oils have been appeared to be viable in wiping out head lice. Essential oils like cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, Neem oil or peppermint oil, also have amazing effects on hair growth and health as they contain many vitamins and antioxidants which not only moisturize the scalp but leave your hair lustrous.


Parents are probably going to interact with lice sooner or later since school going youngsters are more likely to get lice. On the off chance that your tyke has a companion with lice or is the lice transporter, don’t freeze. Lice is essentially an extremely regular parasitic issue and there are such a large number of characteristic approaches to manage lice.

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