How to Propose Your Crush on Social Media?

How to Propose Your Crush on Social Media?

Perhaps you might have been in a long relationship with a fine girl for years and you want to finally pop the question. There are many ways how you can do this, but one way for how to impress your crush is to take a more unconventional approach to .

how to propose your crush on social media

Today you can get on social media to propose to her. But you need to know how to propose your crush online if you want to make it all work. You should plan your proposal well without being too hard or tough.

Send a video propose your crush

Send a Video

The first tip is to get a video out to that special someone. Sometimes just saying in a chat message that you want to get married is not good enough. You need a great video that lets her know that you are happy with her. This could be about anything, but it should be personal enough to where you are showing that someone that you really care about her and that you want to be with her at all times.

A great video can include a message where you are telling her that you love her and that you want to be with her for as long as possible. Express in your video how excited you are to be with her and that you really do love her. You can even produce a fun sketch or musical number of out it; you have full control over what you want to do with your proposal video.

share a song propose a crush on social media

Make Your Own Song

Are you a good musician? Maybe you can make a song to your girl and post it on social media. Send it to her account to show that you love her and that you want to get married. A great song can go viral as it shows how much you love someone and that you are so excited about a girl that you’re willing to let the whole world know about it.

marriage proposal propose crush on social media

When is the Right Time?

All these options for proposing to your crush girl are great to review, but you should make sure you actually propose to her when the time is right. Make sure she is comfortable around you and that you have been around her in person long enough. Remember that getting in touch with her by social media is just something to do when you cannot physically be there for her, but it does at least give you the opportunity to get closer to her and to send a special type of message to her.

create art propose crush on social media

Create Some Art

You can produce a nice work of art for someone online. Creating a fun doodle or drawing that shows your love for her and pops that big question can be a little more memorable. You can send that drawing to her by physical mail at the end as well.

You have the option to ask a professional comic artist to help you craft a proposal as well. You can ask the artist to assist you with writing a comic or something else that doubles as a special message to your girlfriend.

private chat facebook propose crush on social media

Allow For a Private Chat

The last idea to consider is to get into a private chat with your girl on social media. Inviting her to a private chat space on a social media site is great as this entails working with messages that only you and her can read. This privacy is vital for keeping her happy and showing that you really are invested in her.

live location facebook propose your crush social media

Play With Your Location

A good idea is to invite your girlfriend to some people through a social media program. One way for how to propose your crush on Facebook is to get her to come to some spot you have recommended on Facebook or a place you are referencing. This might entail something with a personal meaning or value. This could give you a sense of excitement as she knows you want to do something enjoyable and thrilling with her.

Each of these options for how to propose your crush girl are worth trying out. Good luck with your efforts for getting her to love you and agree to your special proposal.