How to Kiss Your Girlfriend for First Time [With Pictures]

How to Kiss Your Girlfriend for First Time [With Pictures]

Kissing your girlfriend might sound like something fun, but there is a real science to it that you have to follow. You must know how to properly kiss her so you and her will both get the same amount of pressure off of it. This guide will help you learn how to kiss for the first time step by step.

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make a good mood kiss girlfriend first time

Make a Good Mood

Start by establish a great mood for when you want to kiss a girl in good way. Keep the mood positive by doing it in a nice and relaxed environment where you and her will feel relaxed. This keeps the kiss feeling natural. You must read the post type of kisses for love making

The local area should be something worth having a good kiss in as well. Get a kiss going in some spot like near a sunrise or sunset or in a quiet spot where hardly anyone is around. This gives you enough time between you and her for a kiss to be ready. Even more importantly, the setting might establish an intimate feeling that you and her are bound to love getting into. You can also do this in the comfort of your home or hers if the mood is right and everything in the area feels right and comfortable.

good grip her hands kiss your girlfriend

Get a Good Grip on Her Hands

Keep a nice hold on your girlfriend’s hands when you get ready to kiss her. Just holding one hand is good enough. This is a symbol that you are ready to be intimate and that you might even want to kiss your girlfriend sexually.

talk with her kiss your girlfriend

Talk With Her

Ease the tensions or pressure by talking with your girlfriend. Let her be the focus on the conversation. You can compliment her about anything of value. But you should let her dictate everything and guide the situation towards a romantic conclusion so everything is handled carefully enough. You do not want to pressure her into anything by trying to make the conversation go a little faster than what she might prefer to get into.

watch her response kiss your girlfriend

Watch Her Response

Look at the response that your girlfriend gives you when you hold her hand. You can tell that she is happy with you when she is not trying to get away from you. Also, she might get her arm behind your neck to show you that she is really interested in you.

look into her eyes kiss your girlfriend

Look into Her Eyes

A vital part of a kiss my girlfriend romantically plan is to look directly into her eyes. Show that you are really to get intimate with her and that you really care about her. The look you and her give towards one another should be authentic and carefully planned out so everyone in the situation will feel great about what is going to happen here.

smaller kiss your girlfriend

Try a Smaller Kiss

While your main goal is to kiss a girlfriend, it is best to be easy at the start and to kiss her on her hand or some other part before you get to the lips. This shows that you are willing to break through that initial barrier that might keep you from going too fast. It is one thing to show interest to her, but it is another to rush things.

go slowly kiss your girlfriend

Go Slowly

The best way to kiss a girl on the lips is to keep from rushing it. Move closely towards her head and let her dictate the movements. Make sure she is ready for the kiss.

keep things soft kiss your girlfriend

Keep Things Soft

As you actually do kiss your girlfriend on lips, you have to avoid being stiff. Keep your lips soft and relaxed without pressing them too tight. The odds are she might be interested in a little more than just your lips.

hold neck kiss your girlfriend

Keep Your Hands in the Right Position

The last tip is to make sure your hands are kept in a good position during the kiss. You can keep your hands around her back or shoulders. You could also place your hands on the sides of her face provided you are gentle and relaxed with her.

These steps will help you to kiss your girlfriend for the first time at school or any other place of value to you. Use these points to help you get in tune with your lady and that you use them right and responsibly without being too rough or hard on her. This is all about creating an intimate feeling that the two of you are bound to love getting into.