The Safety and Risks of Laser Surgery for Eye Treatment

The Safety and Risks of Laser Surgery for Eye Treatment

People have so many questions in their mind about the aspects of laser surgery; mainly is that, is laser surgery safe for eyes?Laser eye surgery is one of the most safest and effective eye surgeries in the world. It is now the most popular eye surgery done in both UK and US. Already more than 35 million successful laser eye surgeries have been conducted all around the world, which has given clear visions to all the patients.

So, what exactly is Laser eye surgery and what it does?

A laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure which uses a very fine cool laser beam instead of blade to correct the curvature of the cornea to fix the refractive error of the eyes.

This surgery has been clinically proven to be much safer than the former eye surgeries which included disposable blade. The results of the laser eye surgery are comparatively more accurate than the blade-assisted treatment.

These surgeries are done for getting rid of the vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism and hence the eye-glasses and irritating contact lenses.

Is Lasik surgery or laser eye surgery safe for eyes?

LASIK or Laser eye surgery is one of the safest all vision correction treatments of the world.

Even your contact lenses aren’t safe for you since it may cause infections whereas Lasik eye surgery is a permanent and safe solution to your vision problems.

A thorough examination of eyes, health and health history is conducted prior to the actual surgery to prevent any sort of future complications. Even a post-surgery examination is conducted to ensure your eyes are at a good state.

Although, yes since it’s a technological procedure there is always a small percentage of error which in most cases is negligible.

However, if you are at the hands of the finest and latest technology and highly qualified surgeons, then you won’t have to worry about complications arising during the surgical process.

How is LASIK Laser eye surgery conducted?

The whole procedure starts with pre-surgical tests which involve collecting data of your eye condition, health, any medication you are on and your health history.

After all the tests are completed, your ophthalmologist will recommend you the best treatment for you, which may or may not be Laser eye surgery. However, in most cases, LASIK laser eye surgery is recommended.

During the surgery, a special cool laser light beam is be used to correct the cornea by removing the eye tissue in required amount. This helps in re-shaping of the cornea and hence it results in clearer vision.

Post-surgery tests are also conducted to ensure there are no complications or aching in the eyes.

However, you will have blurred vision just after the surgery which will become normal within short period (few days).

Laser eye surgeries, being one of the most effective eye surgeries, results in complete 40/40 vision post-surgery.

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What are the Lasik eye surgery risks and benefits?

Laser eye surgery risks:

Like any other medical procedure, Lasik or Laser eye surgery also has several risk and complications involved. However, the chances of very serious complication are rare.

Some of the common risks and complications patients experience after the surgery are:

Infection: The chance of serious infection occurrence post-surgery is 1 in 10,000, so you need to worry!! However, there can be temporary infections which may cause irritation and itchiness in your eyes. But don’t worry; these can be dealt effectively through proper treatment. Try contacting your ophthalmologist without any delay if you develop any kind of infection in your eyes after the surgery.

Persistent dry eye: Each and every patient of LASIK eye surgery will experience some degree of dry eye just after the surgery. However, it can be easily managed with simple eye drops. When the eye completely heals naturally, the eye moisture will get back to its normal stage. This persistence dry eye problem may remain for 6 months or more,so, you have to take the eye drops to keep your eyes moisturized all the time.

Persistent night vision problems: When the eyes naturally heal, post-surgery, the eye-tissues have higher water content which results in glare from lights, halos or blurriness at night. A special wave front treatment is conducted to address the problem of glare. However, in the early healing stages, any kind of extra eye treatment is restricted, so, you may have to deal with the light sensitivity problem for few days. The persistent night vision problems may stay for 6 months or more, however, after treatment it is reduced to manageable levels.

The need for a re-treatment: Not all eyes are healthy enough to heal properly, post-surgery. In those cases, extra treatments may be required to overcome the complications.

LASIK flap complications: There have been several cases recorded where the flap of the eye, which was created during the surgery was not placed in its right position or has been detached from its original position. In such cases, extra surgery may be required to fix the flap in its place securely.

Laser eye surgery benefits:

  • It has been clinically proven to give correct vision,after surgery, in most cases.
  • It causes very little pain during the surgery. However, you may feel some discomfort in operated eye like pressure and itchiness after surgery.
  • The vision becomes clear and accurate within a day or few days. In rare cases, it takes weeks or months to recover fully.
  • Compared to other eye surgeries, the laser eye surgery recoveries are quicker and don’t need any kind of bandages or stitches.
  • If you don’t get satisfying vision, adjustment can also be made after the primary Laser eye surgery.
  • After the LASIK laser eye surgery, you won’t need to use any kind of corrective eye wear like eye glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK laser eye surgery is one of the most effective and safest eye surgeries done to correct refractive errors of the eyes. Most of the patients get a perfect vision after the surgery with least complications. However, there may be chances of temporary complications like dry eyes, night vision problems, itchiness and heaviness which can be easily cured with simple eye treatments. The best advantage with LASIK eye surgery is that, not only laser surgery safe for eyes, you won’t need to depend on any kind of eye wears once your eyes are fully recovered.

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