How Hollyoaks Star Jazmine Franks transformed her body

How Hollyoaks Star Jazmine Franks transformed her body

Jazmine Franks was completely into shock when she saw a picture of herself having pizza like it’s her last pizza on the earth. And that day she decided to mend her ways.

She embarked on the journey of a healthier lifestyle where she was constantly cutting down sugar and consuming more protein-rich and healthy food. She also got a personal trainer and was completely into weight lifting. This helped her to tone her overall body and she also lost a stone during this process.

She was quite proud of her achievement of losing a stone and thus she shared her after and before pictures on her Instagram account.

She wrote “There are 6 months and an 8kg difference between these pictures so it’s been a very slow process but I wanted to make sure I still had a social life.

“I still enjoy desserts and I still enjoy a gin. Having time on my side has played a massive part, leaving Hollyoaks gave me the freedom to focus on me…

“I feel really good at the moment, I’ve learned to say no.

“To the food, I don’t actually need to eat, to the events I don’t actually want to go to and to the things I don’t actually want to do.

“I’ve had a bit of time out and I feel wonderful for it. Also, can we have a little giggle at the fact I’m sat with pizza in my hand in the photo on the left.”

The lady further added

“A picture was taken at an event that Hollyoaks did with Dominos pizza [the soap’s sponsors]

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“I didn’t think I looked like that. I went home and was like, ‘Why has no one told me I look like this?'”

She explained

“I just started by cutting out the chocolates and sweets, but it was Christmas time and they were everywhere.

“It’s so difficult to not pick at things, that was the main thing… I’m an over-indulger, if there’s a cake in front of me, I’d have three slices, until I feel sick, but now I have one slice, no more…

“I just swapped chocolate for fruits and put a bit more cardio into my workouts, because I do more weight-based training.”

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