A Brief History of Male Baldness Patterns

A Brief History of Male Baldness Patterns

Male baldness is common in men and can happen for a range of different reasons. The official name for mal baldness is androgenic alopecia and it’s the most common type of hair loss among men. Hair loss can start happening at any age but it usually happens when the male is over 25 years old. If you are starting to go bald or your hair is thinner, this is nothing to worry about as most men will start balding by the age of 50.

Why am I starting to go bald?

When looking into the history of male baldness patterns, it is usually passed down through families. If your father or grandfather is bald, it might be in your genetics and in this case, it will be inevitable to face. There won’t be side effects if you have inherited male baldness, but if you start balding quickly and suddenly, this could be due to medication so make sure you visit a doctor in the case. There are always solutions to baldness and a is now a popular resolution at an affordable price.

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Ways to combat balding you don’t believe it’s inherited

If you don’t believe balding is inherited, you might be losing hair down to some other reasons. It could be your lifestyle factors like your environment, stress levels or hormonal changes. The best ways to balance out your hormones are similar to methods you should use when trying to reduce stress levels, these include eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and practicing relaxation techniques.

The hair loss or balding could be down to negative environmental factors like pollution or smoking. If you are a smoker, it is definitely time to stop if you’d like to improve your hair growth. Smoking can put your body into stress mode and consequently be a factor that leads to your hair falling out. Another reason you’re suffering with hair loss might be the fact you’re surrounded by pollution and it’s sticking to your hair. To help combat this you should move to a cleaner city or wash your hair frequently.

Ways to deal with male baldness

For those who have tried everything and are still balding, it’s best to try and pull it off until you can get a transplant. Change up your style and invest in some new hats to cover the thinning or baldness. It’s best to remember that balding isn’t life threatening but if it’s having a bad effect on you psychologically, there are therapists and counselors that can help.


If you do happen to be balding, now you will have a good idea of the reasons why this might be. For those who have baldness running in their genes, it could be down to stress or medication. Change up your lifestyle and see if any changes to your hair occur. If it starts growing or stops falling out after you have been practicing relaxation techniques, you know it could likely be down to stress and your lifestyle. Good luck on your curing baldness journey, we hope you can successfully grow your hair back as soon as possible. If not, a hair transplant is always a good option.

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