Nail Care Tips – How To Remove Gel Polish At Home With 2 Different Methods

Nail Care Tips – How To Remove Gel Polish At Home With 2 Different Methods

Gel manicure is extremely resistant and similar to natural nails. Plenty of ladies rely on professionals to remove the gel. However, you can also learn how to remove gel polish at home without too much hassle. Not only you can save some time, but you also do it whenever you want, at minimum costs. There are several methods to remove the gel, so choose the one that might look more suitable for you.

Removing Nail Gel with Polish Remover

Polish remover – acetone – is a strong chemical that can dissolve nail polish and gel in no time. Even if you have theout there, chances are acetone will help you get rid of it by softening the sticking substance. Fill up a small bowl with acetone and cover it with foil. Find a larger bowl and fill it with hot water, then put the small bowl inside it and leave it there for about 5 minutes. Take it out to prevent overheating but be careful because acetone is highly flammable. Protect the skin around your nails with a thick layer of vaseline too.

Dip a cotton pad in acetone, then roll it around your nail. Roll your finger in aluminum foil to keep the pad in place. Let the acetone work on the gel for around half an hour. Remove everything and watch the gel falling down. It depends on how qualitative it is though. If it’s still firm, get a new cotton pad around it for 10 minutes, but not before dipping it in acetone.

This is the most popular option to remove nail gel. If it doesn’t work, it means the adhesive substance is resistant to acetone, so you’ll have to use the other option.

Removing Nail Gel Through Exfoliation

For this method to be successful, you’ll have to wait until the gel starts chipping and falling. Sometimes, your manicure can go for around 2 weeks. When the gel starts chipping, you can finally start removing it. Doing it earlier will most likely damage the surface of your nails.

Insert a cuticle stick under the gel and lift it up slowly. Perform this procedure on all the sides. Use your nails or otherto remove it. Do it smoothly. If you do it too fast, you might remove one of the natural layers of your nail too. If it feels like the gel is still hard, you might need to wait some more or just go to a professional.

Once you get rid of the nail gel, use a cuticle oil or a hydrating cream to maintain the health of your nails. While some experts agree that you can apply gel right away, it actually depends on how sensitive your nails are. If they look fragile, give them a week to hydrate and heal before covering them again.

In the end, removing nail gel is not impossible, but it takes time and patience. It is, however, important to do it at the right time. If you rush, you risk damaging your nails.

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