What to do If You aren’t Happy with Your Smile

What to do If You aren’t Happy with Your Smile

Smiles are the most trusted and influential feature on a person’s face. They convey your trustworthiness, sincerity, friendliness, competence, and intelligence. We are social creatures, and an essential part of human interaction is showing others you are happy. Your smile can even impact your mood, energy levels, and outlook on life.

Smiling makes you happier and shows the world you are comfortable and confident. That’s why having a nice smile is important if you aren’t already blessed with one. The right teeth ensure that your face gives the correct impression of your personality.

Here are a few things you can do if you are unhappy with your smile and teeth.

  • Wear Teeth-Colored Fillings

Teeth-colored fillings are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to get a natural, beautiful smile. Not only do they look great, but they also last longer than the original silver fillings. You’ll have your teeth looking just like they did before without any metal.

  • Make an Appointment with a Dentist

If you are unhappy with your smile or have pain in any part of your mouth, please talk to a dentist immediately. Professionals can recommend affordable solutions that will be effective in both the long and short run.

Going to a dentist is really important because these professionals can ensure you don’t have any underlying issues or diseases you may not know about. If something is wrong with your smile, it’s best to go straight away.

  • Consider Dental Implants and Bridges

Dental implants are an excellent solution for people who cannot afford dental work or whose teeth have been damaged for various reasons. Dental bridges can also be good solutions, but they are more expensive than dental implants.

However, if you’ve decided to get dental implants, be prepared to dish out quite an amount. The biggest benefit of dental bridges is that they look just like normal teeth, can be attached or detached easily, and won’t stand out in any way.

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  • Have Your Teeth Whitened Professionally

Undoubtedly, having your teeth professionally whitened is the best, most cost-effective means of removing tooth stains and getting your teeth as white as possible. Professional teeth whitening can get rid of all types of stains and remove plaque and bacteria, which can help whiten your teeth in more ways than one.

But ? It will depend on the dentist you go to and the extremity of the staining. You can always check out the different dental experts to help you out.

  • Limit Your Coffee Intake

Having an acidic, regular coffee intake is known to stain the teeth and weaken them, making it more difficult for you to keep a good balance of calcium and other minerals in your bones. This is also true when it comes to beer and other drinks with high acid content. If you want to remove coffee stains, switch to decaf coffee or tea.

  • Keep Your Body Hydrated and Eat Healthily

If you’re getting little or no natural sunshine during the winter months or have a habit of drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea, you are putting yourself at risk for tooth stains. Having water in your diet is not only good for your body overall, but it’s also an excellent method of preventing tooth discoloration.

Eating a healthy diet can help keep the mouth healthy and your smile bright. Many foods contain acids that can stain the teeth, including soft drinks, processed meats, and other acidic foods that you might be eating daily. You can switch to green tea, eat apples, and drink smoothies filled with fruits like bananas and yogurt to whiten your smile as much as possible.

  • Brush Your Teeth Two Times Per Day

Brushing your teeth twice daily can speed up the cleaning process and make it easier for your dentist to work on them without irritation from damage or excessive buildup from soaps and toothpaste. This alone does a great job of keeping bacteria at bay, which is essential for preventing dental diseases like gingivitis which can lead to severe problems with tooth staining later down the road.

Also, try using baking soda as a natural alternative to toothpaste.

  • Schedule Routine Dental Cleanings to Prevent Tooth Staining

Regular dental cleanings can prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can lead to significant tooth staining. It’s especially important to schedule dental cleanings when more than one tooth has been affected by a periodontal disease which can cause serious problems.

If you have trouble getting a dentist regularly for routine cleanings, ask for a referral to a specialist in periodontal disease treatment.


The condition of your smile is probably one of the first things people see when they meet you. Your smile reflects your personality and how happy you are with life. If your teeth aren’t in the best condition, they will show. We hope this article has enlightened you on some tips to enhance your smile.

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