Parineeti Chopra Diet Plan and Weight Loss Secret Unveil

Parineeti Chopra Diet Plan and Weight Loss Secret Unveil

The vivacious and bubbly Parineeti Chopra not only did work hard on her acting skills, but also on her body to make a mark in Bollywood. Her carefree attitude and jovial nature make Parineeti a favourite among all, but what is more inspiring is her weight loss story. Before entering the film industry, this Chopra girl weighed 86 kgs with her waistline being 38. Now fitting into a size of 30 is a big achievement, said ‘Hasee toh Phasee’ actress.

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Diet Plan of Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is a foodie who finds it challenging to stay away from fast food, especially her favourites- pizza and burger. But due to weak metabolism, she would easily gain weight. However, her profession demanded her to be in shape and get rid of unsolicited weight. It was when she turned towards a healthier lifestyle and embraced nutritious diet along with religiously hitting the gym. Here is the current diet chart of Parineeti:


  • Two egg whites
  • Sugar-free milk
  • Brown bread with butter
  • Poha


  • Dal and roti
  • Brown rice
  • Green Veggies
  • Curd


Parineeti likes to take low-fat foods for her dinner, followed by a glass of sugar-free, toned milk. She also likes to take a bowl of soup and green salad as the last day of her meal. Sometimes, she gives in for her favourite foods and thus have chocolate shake for dinner.

The actress focuses on the point that her dinner should be consumed at least two hours before she goes to the bed.

Parineeti’s Exercise Plan and Fitness Regime

Parineeti hated exercising and could never see herself shedding weight in the gym. But nothing could have helped her except losing weight to fit in the glamour industry. So despite having despise for gymming and workouts, the Ishaqzaade actress embarked on a journey of losing unwanted kilos through intense workout sessions. Apart from hitting the gym on a regular basis, Parineeti made sure to inculcate other forms of exercises in her routine. Now her workout routine also includes:

  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Horse Ridibg
  • Running
  • Cardio Exercises
  • Meditation- which is practices for at least 15-20 minutes a day

Moreover, Ms. Chopra finds meditation extremely relaxing. It helps her stay away from stress despite her busy schedule and find positive energy rather than concentrating on negativity. Mediation helps her keep a cool mind and develop optimistic attitude towards life. It gives her thoughts a fruitful direction and reduces clutter in her mind.

What motivates Parineeti to still lose weight?

I was sick and tired of clothes not fitting and having limited options on what to wear” said Parineeti Chopra in an interview. Moreover, she is still too far from having a bikini figure and she says she doesn’t mind working for it.

Unlike Huma Qureshi and Vidya Balan, Chopra admits that she wasn’t fine with her previous looks henceforth weight loss was the only option for her.

Those actresses are comfortable in what they look like. I used to feel uncomfortable. I am in a visual medium and should be able to compete with every good-looking actress.”

The end results- a ‘slimmer’ Parineeti has garnered appreciation from all her fans and industry friends. She says,
“When I had entered the industry I was big and used to fit into that size category. Now, I feel I am not, as I have lost much more weight and look better. I don`t want to be in that weight category. I am working very hard to become thin.”

We wish Parineeti best of luck until she doesn’t achieve her desired figure!