Pros and Cons of Fat Food

Pros and Cons of Fat Food

Fat is a natural substance which is one of the five major nutrients required by the body. Chemically fat is an ester which is a combination of glycerol and various fatty acids. The body stores the fat below the skin giving rise to obesity. There is something which is called as good fat and one thing which is called as bad fat. The good fats are chemically monounsaturated and polyunsaturated food. These fats have lower risk for causing diseases. The bad fats are the saturated fats which are called as Trans fats. One should plan a healthy diet which should include good fats. Bad fats should be completely avoided. Foods such as chocolates, oil, butter and mayonnaise are a rich source of fat. It is recommended that a low fat version of these food items should be eaten.

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The pros of the foods which are a rich source of fat are:

Foods which are rich in fat hep to satisfy the hunger. Whenever a person feels hungry he should gorge upon such foods.

The foods which are a rich source of fat provide fuel for the body. This fuel helps to carry out the daily activities of the body. The energy which is provided by the food helps to carry out respiration, breathing and digestion and other normal metabolic activities of the body.

The deposited fats act as a reservoir of energy. In case of fasting and starvation the deposited fat is being used by the body to carry out various activities.

There are four fat soluble vitamins namely Vitamin A, D, E and K. they require a good concentration of fat for their transportation, storage and absorption. These vitamins have a major role to play in the body. Vitamin E boosts immunity, K helps in blood clotting. Vitamin D has a major role to play in the bones and Vitamin A has a direct role in promoting the vision.

The fats are a good source of energy during exercises. It has been scientifically proved that after a twenty minutes work out session the carbohydrates of the body gets exhausted. It is after the exhaustion of the carbohydrates the role of fats comes in to play.

The good fats significantly contribute in reducing various diseases. The mono unsaturated fats promote the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) which is the good cholesterol. The high levels of HDL help in reducing the chances of heart diseases.

Apart from the benefits associated with the food there are a number of cons or the negative points offered by these food.

The problem of obesity arises with the deposit of fats in the body. This leads to the problem of being over-weight. Excess of weight which is gained over a time period can lead to chronic diseases.

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With intake and consumption of trans fat, the chances of heart diseases increase to a great extent. They lead to increase in the production of LDL (Low Density lipoprotein). LDL is the bad cholesterol. It leads to the condition of atherosclerosis in which the blood vessels are blocked.

With increased consumption of fatty food diseases such as fatty liver may arise. There are many chronic diseases which are having a direct link with the intake of fatty food. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes may arise.

The individuals who believe in eating oily food may develop the problem of acne. It can be facial acne or body acne. This can considerably affect the personality of a person.

A diet which includes food items high on fat quotient leads to sluggishness and sleepiness. One is unable to concentrate.

With a host of benefits and disadvantages offered by the foods, it is on us to diet plan. We should try to include such items which offer health benefits along with the nutrition value. While cooking food try to include healthy oils such as olive oil. Ensure that the butter which is applied on the bread is substituted by margarine. Dairy products and meats are high on the saturated fatty acid component. One should try to find healthier substitute for the products. In case it is not found then try to cut down on the amount which is included in the diet. One should take care that a food item that is a rich source of omega-3- fatty acid should be consumed every day. The simple reason being that body cannot make it for itself, so it requires an external source for it. Plan your diet in a way to have the maximum benefits from the food.