Is Protein Iced Coffee Good For You?

Is Protein Iced Coffee Good For You?

There’s nothing quite like getting your morning coffee fix, whether it’s black with sugar or mixed with smooth milky creamer and other flavorful ingredients. Whatever the recipe, if you are one of the 75% of Americans that drink coffee daily, you may want to consider a healthier alternative.

is an affordable, nutritious, and easy-to-make substitute for your daily iced coffee habit. It is specifically known for its ability to aid weight loss by suppressing appetite and keeping you alert throughout the day.

To help you understand the benefits of having a high-protein iced coffee regularly, we’re looking at the effects in today’s post. Hopefully, this will clear up all the questions you have!

What are the benefits of drinking protein-iced coffee?

Iced coffee has always been a tastier way to get that afternoon coffee fix on a busy afternoon, and protein coffee is no different! It is simply made by adding protein powder to your coffee, for a steadier and more nutritious coffee shake.

Most daily coffee drinkers tend to get their afternoon fix from the local coffee shop, and while the caffeine is a great pick me up, all the other sugar-laced additives tend to cancel it out and can cause an evening crash.

Having an iced protein coffee shake instead will give you that added pick me up, as well as improve feelings of satiety so you can kick that afternoon slump. Among its many benefits, protein iced coffee is not only tasty but packed with a nutrient-rich formula that keeps you going for as long as you need.

Don’t overdo it though! High caffeine levels in the body, especially after lunch can increase levels of insomnia throughout the night, which will only make you tired the next day.

High Protein Iced Coffee vs Generic Iced Coffee

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we say the effectiveness of the coffee is in the ingredients. That’s fair right? The main reason why protein iced coffee works better than the average, generic iced coffee, is because of the difference in ingredients for both products.

Outside of the obvious addition of a protein powder, protein coffees are generally free from the additives that you would get when buying a generic iced coffee blend. If you use a powder to make your blend, it gives you the freedom of choice to add even more nutritious ingredients to your iced coffee.

When you have generic iced coffee, it is harder to identify all of the ingredients, which limits your ability to choose even more beneficial options. All the extra caramel, sugars, and syrups can overload your system, and cause you to have a sugar crash later on.

What about pre-packaged iced coffee drinks?

If you’re always on the go, then pre-packaged iced coffee drinks are very convenient to grab and go.

Seems like the ultimate level of convenience right? But at what cost? Are there good high-protein iced coffee shakes that are the perfect blend? Let’s take a look at two of the most popular ones.

Chike high-protein coffee is a common grab-and-go protein coffee that is highly recommended. A quick look at the ingredients and nutritional facts might help you decide if this coffee is the best option for you. The ingredients contain additives such as ‘natural flavors, sea salt, and sucralose which may be worth considering.

Another popular brand is the Premier protein iced coffee shakes, which will also take some work on your part. This nutrition shake has high protein content, but you would still need to add the coffee yourself, which may take some time.

Instead of trying to Google ingredients and brewing coffee every day, you can simply buy a prepackaged protein coffee powder that is quick and easy to make. This is the best way to make sure that your protein iced coffee is safe from unnecessary additives and harmful ingredients.

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