How to Lose 8 Pounds In 2 Weeks

How to Lose 8 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Every time, when you bring out your favorite dress for some special occasion you find it smaller than before. Then, the probable reason for this situation is that you have become bigger and it’s a high time to get into your original shape. The only thing you need to lose this undesired weight is your determination along with following tips.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

  • Sweat it out

It is not necessary to be an early bird to burn up the excess calories through work out. Hit the gym if you have no idea about the exercises but if you have experience enough then go for the weight lifting and cardio exercises as these will help you in shedding excess weight in less time. You can take up yoga if gym exercises are hard for you. Practice the asana along with the Pranayam enhances your metabolism which helps in cutting the calories.

  • Play and have fun

Nothing is as good as practicing a sport like swimming, badminton, cricket etc. Rather than inviting your friends for movies or drinks, you can invite or challenge them for a game on weekends. It will help you in losing weight as well as keeps you motivated. You can go on hiking, trekking and other fun activities with family and friends.

  • Walk away from calories

Walk as much as you can on every opportunity such as taking upstairs rather than the elevator. Go to markets or nearby areas on your feet instead of wheels. You can carry some weight while going outside. Help in household chores like washing your vehicle, cleaning the house, rearranging the decor which requires shifting of heavy articles.

  • Watch your plate

You have to forget your quick or skipped breakfast, overeating at lunch and unhealthy dinner. You have to make yourself disciplined enough to have your meal at a proper time. Dieting, unhealthy eating or taking food at odd times can cause indigestion, constipation, bloating and other metabolism related problems. Stick yourself to oil-free or low oil food. Take fruit juices and fiber-rich food in breakfast. Replace milk tea with green tea and fried snacks with baked ones.

  • Bring colors to your kitchen

Make your weight loss mission an excuse to eat lots of fruits and veggies. If you are nonvegetarian then use more egg whites, skinless poultry breasts, lean meat, fish, shellfish etc. These foods help in a rapid decrease in weight. Always keep fruits or salad with you in case craves for food in between your meals.

  • Be natural

Always go for fresh vegetables, fruits, juices or dairy items rather than processed ones. Processed foods lose their 90% nutritional value during processing. The chemicals used in processed food makes you crave more for it. These foods such as fast food are responsible for altering metabolism to consume more calories and storage of fats.

  • Flush the toxins

Drink lots of water as it will keep your body hydrated as you will lose water during workout and other activities. Drink ice cold water so that your body spends its calories to make it warm. Taking up a glass of water before meal kicks in the CCK (Cholecystokinin) hormone or the feeling full hormone. It will help you in eating less as it gives you a sense of fullness. The water detoxification plan helps in getting rid of your toxins and it includes eating food which is high in water content such as watermelon, soups, and leafy vegetables.

  • Keep a track on your progress

Make a food and workout journal which will remind you of your activities and intakes throughout the day. Ask your family or friend to look after your journal who can motivate you enough so that you don’t deviate from your aim. Calculate your calorie intake as per your food journal. Remove any item from your vicinity which can distract you from your weight loss plan. Reward yourself on every progress like visiting a spa which will relax you as well as take off some calories from your body.

  • Some shortcuts

You can put yourself on a liquid diet for a few days which includes juices, soups, and milk. Cut down your salt and sugar intake to zero or very low for a few days and take up lots of water. But these shortcut tips should not be prolonged for weeks. The body responds quickly to these shortcuts but if you would not change your unhealthy practices these shortcuts would not help in the long run and affect you adversely.

  • Overcome boredom

It is very much possible that after few days this weight loss thing feels you tiresome and boring. You may want to quit it and go to your old routine. To avoid such situation you can engage yourself to any activity of your interest like music, painting, talking to your friends and family etc. This practice will relax you and make you focus on your motive.

  • Sleep well

Lack of sleep can interfere in the functioning of metabolism. In case of sleep deprivation and low energy one will crave for snacks or coffees which are unhealthy and the result of it reflects in your waistline. Therefore, a sound sleep can help you in reducing your weight indirectly.

  • Honest effort pays well

Keep a positive attitude towards your aim. Always remember that losing 8 pounds in two weeks time will not become reality if you would not practice workout and modify your lifestyle as per above suggested tips. You may want to go for weight loss pills but one should keep in mind that they will not be as effective as the conventional way of losing weight and there can be side effects too.

  • Consult Professionals

Don’t panic if you don’t see desired results instantly. Everybody is different and has its own pace to respond to workouts and diet but these healthy practices will help you in staying fit in long run. If you still find that your body is not responding after working out for months then you should consult medical professionals which can guide about relevant treatment.

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