Lasik Risks : A Straight Answer

Lasik Risks : A Straight Answer

Lasik is a very popular vision correction surgery because it is fast, much safer and precise. Many people have not faced any complications after their surgery but it doesn’t mean that this surgery doesn’t carry any risks. It is important to note that it is like just any other surgery which has post surgery complications and risks like infection, allergies or occurrence of any other physical or physiological problems. So, here are some common risks of Lasik surgery which you must know and discuss about them with your ophthalmologist that how he/she will take of them.

Dry eyes

This is the most common problem faced my patients after Lasik surgery. It is a temporary problem but it will give you sandy or gritty feeling in eyes causing mild pain and discomfort in eyes. It can be easily taken care with the help of tear drops and the problem will go away after three to six months. It generally happens because of the creation of flap which nerves of the cornea which plays a vital role in tear production.


This is the most common risk of any surgical procedure but in case of Lasik, you can easily avoid it if you follow all your pre surgery appointments and take all prescribed medicines as per your doctor’s instruction. The chances are very low of getting an infection in case of Lasik surgery but if you feel any discomfort or change in vision then you must consult your doctor immediately. It can be easily treated with antibiotic drops but in some cases special treatment may required.

Over or under correction

During Lasik, the cornea is reshaped to correct the vision and it requires removal of little amount of retinal tissue. If more tissue is removed than required then it is called over correction and if less than the required amount of tissue is removed then it is known as under correction. It can be corrected with a follow up procedure after surgery which is known as “enhancement”.


This is a very rare condition and occurs in cases which have underlying corneal disease like Keratoconus (a condition in which the cornea bulged outside in a conical shape). Some of the main symptoms of this complication are increased astigmatism, causing blurred vision and loss of corrected vision. All ophthalmologists check the patients for any underlying corneal disease before the surgery but if it couldn’t be identified pre surgery then it can cause complication. So if your doctor suggests you not to go for Lasik then you must listen to him/her,

Regression of vision

Since Lasik surgery is not independent of the aging therefore you may require reading glasses or further enhancement procedure to maintain your best vision. You must ask your doctor about their enhancement policies and charges if it is required after the surgery.

Negative or unsatisfied outcome

The latest technology and tools have made the Lasik procedure safe and accurate because most of the latest technologies are computerized. Use of old tools and technology can reduce the precision of corrected vision and can cause complication therefore you should carefully check the expertise of the doctor and the technology used during the surgery.

Night vision problems

The common risks after surgery are Glares or Halos when you look at the light source. The Lasik surgery mainly affects the night vision or vision under dim light condition. This problem reduces over the period of time and persists in rare cases.

Flap complication

Since, flap is created during the Lasik procedure therefore there are chances of flap complications after surgery such as flap displacement or dislocation. If the patient rubs the eyes after surgery for any reason then the flap will wrinkle and he/she may require an enhancement to get the wrinkled flap back on place. You have to use eye drops to prevent dryness and itching in the eye.

Epithelial ingrowth

This is the condition in which corneal tissue grows under the Lasik flap causing blurred vision and discomfort. If the ingrowth affects the patient’s vision then the surgeon will remove the in growth surgically.

You must have become familiar with the Lasik surgery risks after reading the above article so ask about them to your surgeon and get clear answer for that. Taking assistance of an experienced surgeon reduced the chances of surgery risks significantly so don’t compromise your eye health over money means hire a good quality surgeon and a surgery centre which is well equipped with latest technology without thinking much about money because this is a lifetime investment.

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