Sahil Khan owns 50% Stake of BodyPower UK

Sahil Khan owns 50% Stake of BodyPower UK

Going through the Instagram pictures of Sahil Khan, let’s admit the fact that I am jealous. The guy is living a king size life. And he is always surrounded by chicks.

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He left Bollywood and we are not quite sure what actually he does. So, the million dollar question here is that what is the source of this luxury? Or how on the earth he managed this much amount of money?

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Well, somewhat my question got answered. Look at this picture below.

The man owns 50% of BodyPower stake and that’s huge. Through his bodybuilding and physique, he has made a mark of himself. He has a distinct name and personality and millions of followers.

You will see his Instagram messages flooded wishing him all the best.

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